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Not over, but near. Some municipalities have specific by-laws dictating how close you can place your pool to your septic field. Our municipality didn't have a by-law, but recommended a minimum of 9' between the edge of the pool deck and the septic field. At a minimum, be careful not to allow your pool deck (whether concrete or patio stone) to extend over your septic field because the performance of your septic system could be seriously impaired. If it can be avoided - I would avoid it at all costs. A septic field isn't as stable as the surrounding area would be. The ground shifts more. As the ground shifts - your pool shifts -and not all together - so you may weaken the foundation of your pool a great deal causing damage that can not be fixed.

Good Question one of the most popular in the building industry that I get.

Every building official will have a code for minimum distances your going to be able to build near them, remember I said Minimum.

You first have to understand a bit about a septic field, it is designed to evaporate the liquids from your septic tank, so in order to do that it will not work correctly if the bed of stone and sand and pipe has more than 3' of cover over it.

Secondly you must figure where your next field is going to be if your first field gets saturated and it no longer works because of contamination. That's your back-up field area.

Next figure how your pool will impact your field as the new concrete pond will send lots more water to that area from rain snow and not to mention what happens if the pool springs a leak, you got two leaks mixing.

Its a good idea to keep your septic field protected, even if your not getting a new pool. Please don't drive over it getting to the back yard or front, and on the same hand don't let heavy construction trucks or delivery truck either, the pipe can be easily crushed.

A wet field is also a huge health hazard, not to mention the smell.

Licensed and insured professional pool builders are available for your project to get it done right and safe at all stages.

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This sounds like an engineering question you can as long as the lid over the tank it of sufficient strength to hold the weight. keeping in mid also that there will be uneven settlement around the perimeters of the tank where the pool is over the normal ground

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Yes, you can put an above ground swimming pool over your septic lines. It is not advisable. It is contrary to code. It is illegal in many places. If a rip in your pool liner floods your drain field and spreads coliform bacteria you may have great liability which your homeowner's insurance will not pay. It does not have to pay when you cause damage by doing something illegal. But if you want to know if it can be done, yes it is possible. If you are only going over the pipe leading to or from the actual tank you should have no particular problem. the tank treats the sewage and as long as you don't interfere with its operation you should not have a problem. however do not put the pool on top of the transpiration bed because you will end up with a mess.

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Absolutely not! If you remove all the vegetation and grass as instructed, you would be down to or close to the rock layer of your leach fields. The plants help to dissipate the liquid draining from your septic system. Loose rock is NOT a good pool base.

Also, the weight of all that water is very bad for the field. I compacts the dirt so the water and bacteria cannot work its way into the dirt.

When water splashes out of the pool during use or you back wash your filter, you put much extra water in the leach fields, and that's bad for it. The bacteria cannot breakdown properly if moved through the ground to quickly, by excess water.

I don't even think the fields would be stable enough for a pool, as the pool is to be set up on "undisturbed" ground. In other words, you dig out the high spots to level. NOT, add dirt where it is low. It must be a solid base! AND if you ever had septic problems, well, taking down a pool to check the field.......headache!

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Why would you want to ? It should be pumped,collapsed ,filled (with the excess from the pool excavation) , compacted and buffered with float sand. I would think you could risk contamination in the pool otherwise ,and defineately a foundation issue.

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You cannot put an above ground pool over a septic field. This land is not very stable and will cause your pool to sink.

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Q: Can you install an inground pool if you have a well?
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