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Probably, some companies only require that you have care custody and control of the vehicle in order to be the named insured. Other companies require that you be the registered owner. The problem that arises is that the finance company usually wants to have the evidence of insurance be in the name of the person responsible for the loan. If you are the named insured but not the name on the loan then the loan company may require that the person on the loan also be on the insurance policy as a named insured. The best way to do this is to have the person that owns the car get the insurance and list you the driver as the principle operator.

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It is never recommended to have someone elses using your vehicle on daily basis under your name. save yourself some trouble.

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You must have an insurable interest to effect valid coverage. Property must be insured in the name of the owner. So if you want to buy someone else a policy for their property you can certainly pay the bill for some else's property insurance but you can not insure it in your own name. If you insured someone else's home in any name other than the legal property owner and it burned down or suffered some other loss, the Insurance company can not legally pay your claim simply because the property does not belong to you. They would also not have to pay the owner because he or she was not an insured on the policy. The proper way to insure it would be under the name of the legal owner, If you also have an insurable interest in the property, then your name can be added as a co-insured. Should a claim arise, the claim check would be issued under both names.

Can a lienholder repossess a car if it is not in default but in the impound?

As long as you continue to make the payments, they would have no reason the instigate a repossession. When a vehicle is financed or leased, the creditor has an interest in the vehicle and rights under the contract you signed. If you are in default of the contract either by default in payment or otherwise (failure to insure or other terms) the vehicle can be repossessed.

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Can you insure and register a car under your name even if the title is under a parents name if the parent on the title is not a driver?

Yes most insurance company never ask for the title. there are Insurance company's on the web that will insure you and the vehicle weather you own it or not.

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Call an insurance company. You can insure anything if you can prove it is yours.

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If you finance a car for someone can they insure it in their own name?

Yes of course, they are required to insure it in their name if they are buying the vehicle by financed note. The buyer is the new owner of the vehicle. All drivers are required to maintain financial Responsibility when operating a vehicle on public roads. The financiers interest is typically covered also by requiring the buyer list them as a lienholder on the policy. This requirement is generally built into the finance agreement There are also separate business insurance product lines that will cover a lienholders interest in a financed vehicle. The financier trying to insure the vehicle on a standard personal auto policy is an attempt to circumvent the insurance laws and constitutes insurance fraud by failing to disclose the true nature of the the risk to the insurer. Under finance law, the buyer is the legal owner of the vehicle even theough the note is not paid off with certain encumbrances denoted in the finance agreement. The financier is a lienholder in due course until such time as the finance note has been satisfied.

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In the U.S. there are very few circumstances when someone can take out a policy on someone other than themselves, a few examples are: A parent or guardian can insure a child who is under 18 If you have power of attorney over someone (i.e.- a handicapped sibling) you can take out insurance on them. A good rule of thumb is that if YOU personally would experience a financial loss as a result of a persons death (if you would be responsible for burying them) and they are not legally able to take out insurance on themselves, you can insure them.

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