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Can you intercooler a non turbo car?

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The need for an intercooler is solely Dependant on the turbo blowers. As the blowers are pushing more air into the combustion chamber, the air becomes less dense as it becomes heated through the movement through the turbos. Intercoolers function to drop the temperature of incoming air into the turbos so that when the air is forced into the combustion chamber it is cooler and more dense, hence, creating a better situation for combustion. As the air is not being pumped into the combustion chamber and simply aspirating naturally, there is no need to cool the air before a heating cycle that isn't present in a non-turbo engine. Intercoolers, however, do look really awesome.

2007-06-21 15:25:34
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Yes but chances are you loose power

2015-07-30 01:16:42
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Will an intercooler work on non turbo car?

Yes and No. Intercoolers cool air that is compressed in a turbo. You can setup an intercooler on a non turbo car and have it connected to the air intake and such... will rob you of horsepower by sending air through a lot of unnecessary tubes.

Can a car turbo run without a intercooler?

A car can run with out an intercooler, but if it was designed to have an intercooler, the driveabilty will be affected.

Can a car turbo run with a intercooler?


Why has my car got two radiators?

I suspect one will be an intercooler for the turbo

Do you run the air that your turbocharger blows out through your intercooler then to your throttle body or do you put a filter on one end of the intercooler and have the turbo breathe from it?

The normal direction of airflow is air filter to turbo, to intercooler, to engine.The normal direction of airflow is air filter to turbo, to intercooler, to engine.

What do you all need to have a complete turbo kit for a 1997 Eclipse?

If your boosting any car. What you need is the: -Turbo -turbo mani -oil feed -oil dran -oil flanges -exhaust flanges -injectors -intercooler -intercooler piping -BOV -WG -tuned ECU

Which is better Inter cooler turbo engine or non inter cooler turbo engine?

im not sure what u mean...but i guess u mean is it better to run intercooler with your turbo setup on a particular engine...yes the intercooler will aid in cooling drastically over a non intercooled engine...think of it as a/c or non a/c in your house u want the cold cold air if possible

How do you get the turbo sound on a non-turbo car?

Buy a turbo

Is there a way to install a intercooler in to a non turbo car?

It isn't really necessary. All an intercooler does (besides cooling a turbo unit so it doesn't overheat) is cool down the air going into the engine. The air only needs to be cooled because it passes by the hot engine and through a hot turbo. in a car without a turbo, all there is to warm up the air is the engine, so you want to get the air from as far away from the engine as possible. The answer is a cold air intake. These are much cheaper than intercoolers and much simpler.

Explain operation and function of turbo intercooler?

To cool the compressed air from the turbo

Can you put a blow off valve on non-turbo Supra?

No, there is no reason for it. In turbo cars you have intercooler pipes that need pressure released at certain times. You have no intercooler in non-turbo cars. I guess you could install one if you wanted to look silly, but it wouldn't serve any purpose or be functional. I hear you can get a fake bov that makes the sound, if that's what you are looking for.

Can you put turbo onto a non turbo car?


Is the Mercedes 312D engine a turbo intercooler?


How can you find out if your car is turbo or non-turbo?

If it is, there'll be a turbocharger in the engine compartment.

If you have oil in your intercooler is your turbo going bad?

There will always be some oil in the intercooler. Part of the emissions system connects the engine breather to the airbox. As the turbo sucks air through the airbox it tends to suck some oil into the intercooler.

Can you turbo a non turbo 4g63?

The answer is yes, you would have to buy the correct turbo kit (turbo, oil lines, turbo exhaust manifold, intercooler, piping, etc) and tuning software (DSMlink). It is a good bit of work if you are not experienced with cars and building them. To turbo a non turbo car is is important to make sure the engine can handle it and SHOULD be rebuilt properly to ensure that it will last. If you are serious about this than I suggest reading up on and both are forums about everything 4G63 and even the 420a engines (non turbo'd eclipse/talon 1995-1999)

1993 Nissan 300zx non turbo Will the wider rear turbo rims fit on the 1993 non turbo car?


Why is there black smoke from exhaust when you put your foot down on peugeot 405 turbo?

this sounds alot like a turbo failure, although there could well be a leak in the pipes leading from the turbo to the intercooler, or from the intercooler to the inlet manifold. also check the intercooler for leaks. or it is the vacuum pipe that operates the waste gate on the turbo, or a seized waste gate.

What will happened is the intercooler is block?

Whatever the intercooler is for (transmission, turbo, etc), will most likely overheat and do some damage.

Ecu from a 95 automatic eclipse fit a standard?

If the car is the same as in it came out of a non-turbo and your putting it in a non-turbo it will work but if it came out of a non-turbo and your putting it in a turbo then it won't work. If it came out of a turbo and your putting it in a non-turbo it won't work. If it came out of a turbo and your putting in a turbo then it will work.

What if your car 1997 Audi A4 use a lot of gas?

make sure you have not blow your turbo. If you did not blow the turbo you might have put a hole into the intercooler. This will cause you to use a ton of gas

What is the TCIC system in four wheeler?

Turbo Charged Intercooler

If the blades in a turbo charger break off will it effect the intercooler?

Yeah...I guess you could say that. If you break a blade in a turbocharger, the out-of-balance condition will cause the turbo to self-destruct. Said exploding turbo will take out your intercooler too.

Can you put a turbo engine in an non turbo car?

Yes, this is possible. However, it involves a significant amount of components and systems not currently in the non-turbo car and it is generally easier, less expensive and more reliable to purchase the turbo car (if one is available).

Would a turbo exhaust mess up your non turbo car?

yes that's why you should get a turbo