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Can you intercooler a non turbo car?

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2015-07-30 01:16:42

Yes but chances are you loose power

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2007-06-21 15:25:34

The need for an intercooler is solely Dependant on the turbo

blowers. As the blowers are pushing more air into the combustion

chamber, the air becomes less dense as it becomes heated through

the movement through the turbos. Intercoolers function to drop the

temperature of incoming air into the turbos so that when the air is

forced into the combustion chamber it is cooler and more dense,

hence, creating a better situation for combustion. As the air is

not being pumped into the combustion chamber and simply aspirating

naturally, there is no need to cool the air before a heating cycle

that isn't present in a non-turbo engine. Intercoolers, however, do

look really awesome.

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