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Answered 2009-07-22 15:41:58 simply need to be really really drunk so you dont tense up your body and dont feel much of the shock when you hit the ground....being high helps to....

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How did hominids survive?

they had enough food

How long can a mother gerbil carry their young?

until they are old enough to survive on their own! until they are old enough to survive on their own!

Did California find enough gold to survive?

yes, gold is not needed to survive

How smart are penguins?

They are smart enough to survive the coldest temperatures in the entire earth, and smart enough to survive all kinds of natural dangers that surround them.

What is the route from Boston to Florida avoiding route 95?

U.S. 1, if you're crazy enough!

Would a person be strong enough to survive if they have been given everything that is needed to survive?


Can people survive a flood?

With enough warning and common sense, most people can survive a flood.

How do rats survive in the wild?

Yes if there is enough food

How did Greeks survive without enough farmland?

They traded.

Can you survive by just eating spices?

No, spices do not contain enough nutrients and you also need water to survive.

How does a chihuahua survive in the wild?

it won't it will get eaten right away. it isn't fast enough, strong enough, or smart enough.

Why is the Eiffel Tower shaped this way?

It was designed so that the maximum torque created by the wind is balanced enough to withstand the resistance.

How does a giant panda survive in its habitat?

if it has enough bamboo around and some water it`ll survive just fine

Are peacocks smart?

They are smart enough to survive in their native habitat.

How much does geologist earn a year?

Enough money to survive on

Can birds live on the moon?

No There is not enough atmosphere for birds to survive.

How much Oxygen does an astronaut's suit have?

just enough for them to survive

How much strength do mosquitoes have?

Enough to have s*x and survive

What diseases are caused by malnutrition?

Bulimia, not getting enough caloric intake, avoiding a certain food group....etc.

How can you survive a nuclear explosion?

You can survive a nuclear explosion if you are far enough away from it for the initial heat and blast to have little or no effect on you. You then need to be deep enough underground or in a well-built shelter to avoid the radioactive fallout that would occur for days and weeks after the explosion. If you are far enough away, deep enough into a shelter, and have enough food, water, sanitation, medicine and luck, you would survive. To what end, who knows? But you'd be alive.

How does overproduction help an organism survive?

Wastage does not kill you. Not having enough to survive does. Those organisms that overproduce in normal times will produce barely enough in less fortunate times; those that can only produce enough in normal times will not produce enough in lesser times, and die off.

How do vines survive in the tropical rainforest?

vines survive by attaching themselves to trees and go high enough to collect sunlight

Can an egg get bigger as the chick grows inside of it?

No. When the chick grows large enough to survive outside the egg, it hatches. Each egg is exactly the size of the baby animal when it is large enough to survive.

What is the difference between bulimia and anorexia?

Bulimia: Excessive/binge eating of food. Anorexia: Avoiding eating enough food.

How many people survive lung cancer?

enough to break the ice...