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No, however once you have completed the 1 year term of bankruptcy you can then apply for a pre-paid credit card to begin rebuilding your credit.

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Q: Can you keep a few small credit cards after filing for bankruptcy?
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Can you take out a loan for small business credit cards?

Some banks will give you a loan for a small business if you have the proper credit. And yes, there are some credit cards available specifically for small businesses.

What services do American Express offer?

American Express offers several different products and services. They offer credit cards, savings accounts, prepaid cards, credit cards, corporate cards, small business credit cards, and credit reports.

Filed for bankruptcy 8yrs ago and not credit card since should I get credit card now to esatablish credit score and how long will it take to build this up to be able to remove bankruptcy from credit?

Normally the bankruptcy will remain on your report for 10yrs. The longer it is on your report the less impact it has on your score, although still an eye soar to potential creditors. I would recommend establishing one or two cards to build up your credit. Orchard Bank and First Premier are two of the easiest approval cards. Also, I would recommend establishing a secured loan with a small credit union that report to the 3 credit agencies. On the credit card(s) try to keep the balances below 35% if the credit line. A good credit score is also based on various types of credit, not just revolving credit (Credit Cards).

What credit cards do suppport small businesses?

There are several credit cards that support small businesses. Some of these cards are: JP Morgan Chase, Bank of America, DiscoverIt, Wells Fargo, and Compare Spark.

Does capital one offer small business credit cards?

Capital One does offer small business credit cards. You can apply with a 0% introductory APR. Capital One provides 6 different small business credit cards to suit small business owners needs with no annual fees and no limit on rewards.

What are the best small business credit cards?

There are a number of excellent small business credit cards. The best will vary depending on the features a business is looking for. Some of the best small business credit cards are the BMO Premium CashBack Mastercard and the American Express Business Gold Rewards Card.

What companies offer credit card deals to small businesses?

All of the major credit cards offer credit cards to small businesses. There is still a form and a credit check that will be run to make sure your company isn't failing as it is starting.

What companies offer deals on small business credit cards?

There are several key credit card companies that currently offer great incentives on small business credit cards. I would suggest checking out MasterCard for their service.

Where can I find reliable and affordable business credit cards?

Locating the perfect small business credit card that suits your need can be a difficult task, simply because today's credit cards offer varying reward programs, credit limits and finance rates. provides a chart comparing numerous small business credit cards.

Do you get a small business credit with filing your IRS taxes?

You have to go through an entirely different process to get a small business credit. You should file your taxes just the same.

Why credit cards are money?

Credit cards are not money, they are used to purchase things under a temporary loan, which can be repaid at a later time for a small fee charged by the credit card issuer.

Where can I find a variety of small business credit cards to choose from?

By going to you will be able to analyze a list of small business credit cards to find the one best-suited to your needs.

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