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I have had alot of wild mice as pets and they have loved it so I don't see anything wrong with it You really should not release a hand raised mouse back into the wild. They rarely survive. They are very happy as pets, even if they are alone. Wild Mice are perfectly fine for having as pets! If you orphan them look up a good formula to feed them though :D

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โˆ™ 2009-05-06 03:17:56
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Q: Can you keep a wild baby mouse as a pet or does it have to go back into the wild?
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How often do you feed a wild baby mouse?

it depends what type of mouse it is

What do wild baby mice drink?

Wild mama mouse milk. lol

Should you catch a wild field mouse and keep it?

No, wild animals belong in the wild.

Can you keep a wild baby mouse or does it have really bad germs?

Yes, its fleas, especially, carry dangerous diseases. Leave it where you found it.

What do you keep a wild mouse in?

outside in the real world.

Will a mother mouse kill her baby if you touch it?

well maby it depends what type it is wild or not if it is wild then yes if it is not wild then no if it is wild and not wild which is both then i would not thoch it

Should you keep a house mouse as a pet?

Absolutely NOT!!! They are wild and will just spread germs!

We have found a field mouse what do you do with it?

Just release it back in the wild

What do you feed a wild baby mouse that is one inch wide and tall?

cats milk you can bye at wallmart i have a wild baby rat and that's what the vat told me

What should you keep a wild mouse in?

yes u can keep them in a bucket any thing u like

Were do you find a wild mouse and how do you catch it to keep it as a pet?

Wild mice do not do well as pets. You would be better off if you went to a pet shop and purchased a pet mouse. They are cheap.

Can you keep a baby bird?

Only if you get one from a pet store can you keep a baby bird ,but not a wild one.

You have found a mouse can you keep it?

generally wild mice are not as docile and considered bad pets

How do I look after a wild baby mouse that has just been attacked and appears to have no external injuries?

keep it in a very warm environment, keep an eye out for any blood in its stool, and feed it baby soy formula every 3-4 hours during the day and twice during the night

How do I identify my wild baby duck?

You can't. You shouldn't keep a wild baby duck because it is illegal. You need to take it to an animal refuge.

What to feed baby WILD mice?

Fill a pipette with baby soy milk formula (or kitten milk) and feed it to the baby mouse every 1-2 hours

How do you keep a pet wild mouse for the first time?

they will eat just about anything and will chew out of just about anything that is not metallic. they love bread and cookies----apples - note: if you see one wild mouse, you probably have 10.

What does it mean when a wild baby mouse bleeds out of their bum?

Nothing good. You should take the little guy to a rodent vet or a wild animal emergency hospital.

When will you see hair on your baby mice?

Hello. My mouse had babies, and the father was wild, so i don't know if this differs in half wild baby mice or domestic babies but they started to grow fur after about 3 weeks.

Can you keep a wild turtle as a pet or should go back to the wild?

It should go back to the wild because that's where it was born, so it is used to living there.

Is it cruel to keep a wild mouse?

It has a short life span anyway, but you should probably let it go.

What do you do with wild baby ducks?

You need to take them to an animal ruffuge center because it is illegal to keep wild ducks.

Wild mice as pets?

No. There is a risk of biting, scratching, rabies, and fleas. you can get pet mice from a store but you should never EVER keep a wild mouse as a pet

If you were to keep a wild field mouse what should you put it in?

You need to get a hamster cage. It's made of wire and they can't chew through it. wouldn't a mouse cage be better?

If you put a wild mouse with a tame mouse will the wild one become more tame?

The mice are very likely to fight and kill each other. Also, the wild mouse could have diseases which it could pass on to the tame mouse.

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