Can you keep moisturiser on overnight?

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How do you get rid of peeling skin after a sunburn?

Keep on putting moisturiser on it and it will eventually go away!

What is the chemical formula for moisturiser?

It depends on the moisturiser product. Try re-asking the question, giving a specific moisturiser.

Which is better body oil or body moisturiser?

body moisturiser

What can you do about itchy skin?

Use a moisturiser as soon as you take bath. Keep your body hydrated and moisturised.

How do you keep skin moist?

easy ! drink lots n lots of water or simply apply a moisturiser

How do you keep powder foundation on longer?

One way to keep it on longer is to put a very small amount of lotion on before you but on the foundation. Or you could get a tinted moisturiser

Can you keep gauze in your mouth overnight?

yea i did

How long do you keep toothpaste on for your pimples?


Are you allowed to keep a bunny outisde overnight?


What is body souffle?


How do you keep extensions curled overnight?

velcro rollers

Can you keep boiled chicken in water overnight and still eat it?

Only if it's been kept in the fridge overnight.

Can you keep peeled potatoes in cold water overnight?


Do clouds keep it warmer or cooler during the overnight hours?


Can you leave a decorated cake out overnight?

Not really, no. It should be kept in a cool, dry place or refrigerated to keep it fresh and to not spoil overnight.

Why do you keep getting lumps on your face after you shave?

You need to use a clean sharp razor with a moisturising gel then finish with a moisturiser rather than after-shave.

What can cure a sunburn in 1 day?

A cool bath, No more sunlight, and keep topping up on moisturiser! Also do not put any pressure on the burns.

Can you conserve pastry dough overnight?

Yes, most types of pastry dough keep well overnight, as long as they are wrapped air-tight.

Can cornbread wrapped in foil be unfrigrated overnight?

If the cornbread does not have bacon or sausage in it, it should be fine to keep it unrefrigerated overnight. It might keep better in a paper or plastic bag rather than wrapped in foil.

What toiletries start with m?

Moisturiser Mouthwash

Is cetaphil moisturiser available in Pakistan?


Do you keep shrimp precooked shrimp in water in refrigerator overnight?

Keep them in the refrigerator but not in water, just in a sealed container.

What is the best selling moisturiser?

Aveeno daily moisturizing lotion is very good. Also, common ejaculation (seaman, sperm, man milk) is the best moisturiser

Can you put budgies in a shed?

yes they can as long as you watch them and dont keep them in there overnight

When a pond freezes overnight do ducks get stuck?

no they keep the hole open by moving