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Some women say they knew right away, but there is no scientific way of knowing; other than a blood our urine test.


Actually, there is no scientific way of knowing if an egg is fertilized. Obviously, if you become pregnant then an egg did get fertilized but pregnancy does not always occur. I have read that anywhere from 40-80% of fertilized eggs not not actually implant and are just passed in the woman's period. In this case your egg could have been fertilized and you would never know it.

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How do you know when an egg is fertilized?

you know if the egg is fertilized if you missed your period.

Why is it necessary for an egg to be fertilized?

It is necessary for an egg to be fertilized so the egg can hatch.

When a sperm unites with an egg what is the fertilized egg?

The fertilized egg is called a zygote.

How do you know if a bee egg is going to be a boy or a girl?

If an egg that is laid is fertilized, it will become a female worker bee. If it was not fertilized, it will become a drone (male).

What happens if an egg cell is not fertilized after it is released?

you have what is know your period

How will the egg cell become fertilized?

I think you know the answer to this question.

Are eggs in a supermarket fertilized?

Not usually that I know of, although sometimes a fertilized egg probably gets in there by mistake.

Is a fertilized egg a zygote?

Yes, a zygote is a fertilized egg.

What does 'fertilized egg cell' mean?

A fertilized egg cell is when a sperm enters an egg. The result is a fertilized egg cell, or a zygote.

How do you know if a goldfish egg is fertilized?

If after 24 hrs the egg is not a white/opaque it probably is fertile.

Where does a fertilized egg implant?

A fertilized egg implants into the Uterus.

Do all women bleed when the egg is fertilized?

No, they bleed during implantation. When the egg is fertilized, it happens in the space of the fallopian tube. In a sense, the body doesn't "know" there's a fertilized egg until implantation occurs. There are no signs of fertilization before implantation.

How to know fertilized egg?

There is no way to look at the outside of an egg and tell if it is fertilized. If the egg has been under the hen for several days then you can candle it (shine a strong light into it) and look for embryo development.

Can you get an egg from an egg carton and make baby chicks?

No, you have to have a fertilized egg and the eggs from the store are not fertilized.

Can a duckling hatch without the egg being fertilized?

We are humans, how do we know.

Do you have an upset stomach when your egg is fertilized?

Yes, it is possible to have an upset stomach the moment your egg has been fertilized. A pregnancy test will be the only way to know for sure if you are pregnant.

What does a fertilized egg become?

When a bird's egg is fertilized, a chick is developing inside.

How many cells are in the fertilized egg?

Ther are 32 cells in the fertilized egg.

What do you call a fertilized egg cell?

A fertilized egg cell is called a zygote.

What is the function of a fertilized egg?

A fertilized egg becomes a zygote which develops in to an embryo.

What is the name for an egg being fertilized?

The name of the fertilized egg is called as the zygote.

Where does a fertilized egg grow and develop?

A fertilized egg grows and develops in the uterus.

How do farmers know which eggs are not fertilized?

After the eggs have been sitting for awhile, use a flashlight and put it on the side of the egg which is not facing you and shine the light through the egg. If you do not see a dark, small object inside the egg then the egg is not fertilized.

Where does a fertilized egg go after it is fertilized?


Can an egg be fertilized by another egg?