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Depending on who wants to rent the horse, yes you can.

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Q: Can you lease a horse for one day?
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How do you rent a horse for ond day at a show and how to find a horse to rent?

I'm not sure you can lease a horse at a show. If you want to lease a horse, so owners will. you could look in classifieds in a paper or on a announcement board of a tack shop. But if you want to lease a horse, usually you can't for only one day. Or if you mean for a trail ride or a lesson, you would want to go the a riding stable.

Do you have to buy food if you lease a horse?

It depends on the person who is the owner of the horse. Ask him/her. Each owner has different requirements for one to lease their horse.

Would it be possible to not own a horse and still compete in barrel racing?

yes - lease one. Yes i know but I already lease a horse but you cant compete except with our team.

Can you lease a horse from a ranch and then take the horse a bring it to another ranch?

It depends on what is on the lease contract you sign.

If you lease a horse is it cheaper?

it depends. if it is a free lease, who is paying for vet bills and feed,if you have to board the horse. a lot of times yes it is

How much does it cost to lease a Horse in Alabama?

It depends on the breed of the horse, and the amount of training the horse has.

What websites would you look on to find a horse to lease?, pretty much you can just google "horses for lease" or "horse classifieds" Andalusiangirl

Do you need your own horse for rodeo queen events?

You will need a horse to ride. If you don't own one, you might find one to borrow, or lease. I know of no events where horses are provided however.

How do competitions without a horse on HorseIsle?

You cannot, you must have your own horse to compete on horse isle, not even a lease will work

How much does it cost to half lease a horse?

It usually costs half it would to board a horse, but it also depends on how good the horse is.

How much a year is it to own a horse?

It matters if you are ready for one and you can do you basic walk, trot, canter and if you want to be serious about ridding you could lease before you buy your own horse

Can you break a lease on a new vehicle if the vehicle has not yet been delivered to you?

What are the terms of the lease? Does the lease indicate anything about delivery date? Were they required under the lease to deliver by a certain day? If so, and the day has passed, perhaps they have broken the lease.

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