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Can you leave the country with your child if you are still married?


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Unless the court has awarded the parent full legal and physical custody he or she cannot remove a minor child from his o or her current state of residency wihtout the written permission of the other parent. A passport will not be issued for a minor child unless both parents have submitted the required documentation/identification.

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yep, if your wife and chilren leave the state i am pretty sure you can be still married because when you get married you usually have to sign a form that says i am legally married no matter what

It depends on the country she is from you should contact the immigration services or check it out online. You can ask questions anoumsly

They can get married in the US or their home country. They still have to leave the country before immigration proceedings can take affect.

No, I do not believe that you have to still by one to leave the country.

Assuming the minor is your child, and you are still married (therefore, no custody settlement) then no, it would not be considered kidnapping.

Yes. Even if your "ex" gets married the child is still your child and you have to support your own child.

Not a lot. She can still be deported - and separated from her child if the father / government chooses. Either get yourself married or gather up your child and return to your native country.

Out of the country or not, you are still required to pay child support.

Whether or not the parents of a child are still married or not, the non-custodial parent should pay child support to the parent raising the child. If the parents are still married but living apart this may need to be done by mutual agreement rather than a court order. Not paying only hurts the child.

The answer is no. You do not stop paying child support if the mother gets married. The child is still your child and you have the responsibility to provide support for your own child.

No, regardless of your age, you are emancipated by being married and therefor does not get child support.

Yes he married her and had a child.

If you are still married, then no it is not a crime. She can take your children anywhere as long as there are no court orders defining custody, which is not likely if you are still married.

No, they are still married believe it or not.

Of course not. He is still the father of his children and still responsible for supporting them.

Your status is "married." You are still a citizen of this country. There is no special status.

No, that is still your child. Alimony would stop but not child support.

no, they are still young to have a child and besides they still need to get married after doing so :))

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