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No. Georgia law requires rifles or handguns used for deer to be 22 cal CENTERFIRE or larger, with an expanding bullet. While .220 Swift, or 22-250 is legal (with the right bullets) a 22 Long Rifle (rimfire) is NOT legal.


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Maybe. Depends on where the deer is shot, from what distance. Much more likely to WOUND the deer- which is why in most US states, it is not legal to deer hunt with a .22 rimfire.

New York State does not have a caliber requirement for deer, except to say that rimfire rounds may not be used. A semi auto rifle used for deer hunting may not hold more than six rounds.

"no has to be center fire" That is the wrong answer, YES, is the correct answer. Vermont makes no restrictions on what can be used to hunt in Vermont State other than no fully automatic weapons ( machine guns), and no semi-auto rifle capable of holding more than 6 rounds unless it is a 22 caliber weapon using rimfire ammo. Anywhere a rifle can be used a handgun can also be used. Muzzleloaders can be used anywhere a modern firearm can be used. laser sights are illegal.

anything but it wont kill a deer unless it is point blank range

yes that's why 243 is the smallest caliber round you can use legally!

Yes, it is legal. Texas does not permit the use of RIMFIRE guns for deer hunting, but any centerfire is legal. Wh ile it is legal, I personally do not recommend it. Yes, the .223 can kill a deer. It will also wound a lot of deer. It is simply too small to insure a clean kill.

What's the largest whitetail deer killed in Georgia

If i have a rifle in my hands they are...

The deer in Southeast Georgia feed at night and early morning and right before dark.

any where theres a river and some deer have fun!

It all depends on what your biggest deer rifle is. I think the BIGGEST (i think) is a .454 The biggest RIFLE is a nitro express .700 (BIGGER THAN A 50 CAL.) It is used for elephant hunting though

Yes, subject to legal restrictions which vary from state and even within some states. The 30-30 is considered the classic deer rifle.

Mule deer are not found in Georgia, they are a western species. Only the white tailed deer is found there.

It depends on what you mean. If you mean legally, many U.S. states require a caliber larger than .22 or 223, however, that IS legal in some states. If you mean what caliber will kill a deer, almost any rifle caliber will, but .22 or .223 is questionable, which is why many states prohibit that for deer hunting.

A 223 would be fine for a deer rifle but you need to make sure the (youth) person can hit the kill zone. I would suggest the 243.

Firearms season starts for Deer on October 18,2008 and ends January 1, 2009.

the biigest deer shot in ga was in Walton county

It may be possible- but a .22 caliber pellet rifle will not RELIABLY kill a deer, and it is probably not legal in your area. A .22 pellet simply does not have the energy to damage nerves and organs to produce a quick and humane kill. .22 rimfire rifles have been used to kill deer, frequently by poachers. However, there have been many more deer wounded by .22s that would die much later from an infection. While it may be possible, it is not a good idea, and definitely not sportsmanlike hunting.

Only if your rifle is firing handgun rounds.

Firearms that use rimfire cartridges, such as the .22 Short or Long rifle, small caliber handguns such as the .25 and .32, rifles that use pistol cartridges, etc. These are cartridges that would not generally be suitable for hunting deer and larger animals, usually grouped as "big game".

the peak of the rut for deer in 2011 will be, 12th-26th of Nov.

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