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Yeah. If ur of age that's their job

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Why does your Vagina hurt when you open it to clean and look at?

you need to go to the doctor.

Does the doctor have to look at your vagina if you're planning to have a cesarean?

The doctor needs to do a complete examination before deciding to do a Caesarian section.

Why is one side of your vagina swollen?

If you really want to know the cause of it, you better see a doctor and let him/her check it up. It is better if he/she is an ObGyne doctor because that is their specialization.

Is there a cure for head lice?

Yes,go to the doctor and let them look in your head.

Where can you get vagina cream?

You can get prescribed with your doctor.

What to do about pain in your vagina?

Visit your doctor

How do you get rid of a pimple in your vagina?

Actually, why would you have a pimple in your vagina? Go see a doctor

Does sex affect the look of a vagina?

No. A woman's vagina does not look noticeably different after she has sex.

How do you make my vagina look fuller?

how to get a fuller vagina?

What can be done if you have a long vagina?

See a doctor

Your vagina is very swollen what do you do?

Consult your doctor.

What is the name of a vagina doctor?

an obstetrition or obgyn

If you damage your vagina what should i do?

Go to a doctor.

If the skin by the vagina itches bad and is rashing out but my vagina doesn't hurt what could it be?

See your doctor.

Is it illegal for a gynocologist boy or girl to look at a fourteen year olds vagina?

No. Part of a standard gynecological exam includes looking at the vagina. If the child comes to the doctor for a check up or for treatment, this would be necessary.

I have had my period but it doesn't look open. There is like stuff from my body there. Why isn't my vagina hole open?

you should see a doctor

Why does semen burn the inside of your vagina?

You can actually be allergic to your lover. To make sure go see a doctor and let them take tests. Use a condom during sex.

When a doctor fingers you vagina does it hurt?

The doctor doesn't finger you, he examines you and no it doesn't hurt.

If you have some fleshy skin that feels like it is pushing itself out of your vagina what does that mean?

Could it just be part of the skin surrounding your vagina? Maybe you should get a mirror and look. If so, you should probably make an appointment with your doctor.

Why does black blood come from the vagina?


Can a doctor tell if your a virgin by looking a your vagina?


What if your vagina is sour and has a rash what should you do?

Go to the doctor!

What is the name of the doctor that examines the vagina?

He or she is called a Gynaecologist

How do you get rid of an infection in the vagina?

Cream prescribed by the doctor

What does a recently penetrated vagina look like?

A vagina with a little blood