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Yes it is possible to make an acid battery using the acid in a lemon. (you would need allot of lemon batteries to light a flashlight bulb though - try using a diode light bulb)

For more information on how to do this look in the link I will place below.

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Q: Can you light a flashlight with some lemons?
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What is the function of a bulb in a flashlight?

The function of the bulb in a flashlight is to generate some light when some electrical current passes through it. Note: That's actually the whole purpose of the flashlight. If there were no part of it that generated any light, then you do just as well without the flashlight altogether.

If you hold a flashlight at the speed of light can you still see it?

Need clarification please. The "it" you are referring to seeing, does that represent; A) the flashlight, B) the light from the flashlight, or C) "the speed of light"? Did you mean to imply that the flashlight was switched on? Is it an "old fashioned" bulb, an LED bulb, a laser light, or some other energy? Just wondering.

What appliances produces light energy?

bulb,flashlight,fluroscent light are some examples of light energy

Which is the brighter - the light coming in or the light from the flashlight?

Sun light is more brighter than the light from flashlight in house.

Which is brighter the light coming from in or the light from the flashlight?

Sun light is more brighter than the light from flashlight in house.

How is the function of the flashlight?

The main function is mobile lighting. Some flashlight can do more than regular flashlight. Imalent flashlight can be adjusted by touch screen, and has red floodlight and UV light for different applications.

Is a flashlight is a output?

A flashlight outputs light and heat.

What is the output in the system of a flashlight?

The output of a flashlight is its light

What is an output in a flashlight?

A flashlight outputs light and heat.

Does a light switch change chemical energy directly in to light energy or does a flashlight?

The flashlight does.

How does flashlight works?

A flashlight has a power source (usually ordinary batteries), a light source of some sort (a light bulb or LED, for example), and some electrical wiring to connect them, with a switch to turn it on and off. The power source makes the light source give off light.

How energy is transformed light from flashlight?

Battery electric energy is converted to light energy of flashlight.