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Alliteration- Food fish Onomatopoeia- "Tchaaak!" (When Brian releases the old air from his lungs after looking for his hatchet.) Hyperbole- I don't know...

But the hatchet missed, sailed into the wall where it hit the rocks with a shower of sparks, and his leg was instantly torn with pain, as if a hundred needles had been driven into it.Besides, he had probably swallowed a ton of it while he was swimming out of the plane and getting to shore.

"Hatchet" is a children's book by Gary Paulsen. Examples of metaphors in this book are ".....a brown wall of fur" that describes a moose and "And now a jolt took him like a hammer blow" to describe a heart attack."

ex 1:on a starry winter night the sky

it was called Hatchet because Brian had to survive without anything but a Hatchet

I dont really know but if anybody finds out let me know. -Gary Paulsen

a hatchet is a type of ax

The cast of Molly Hatchet - 2007 includes: Molly Hatchet as Molly Hatchet

the tone in hatchet is hungry

I don't have that worksheet. Perhaps you could ask me some of the examples you're having trouble with.

Brian was sleeping when a porcupine wandered in.It was dark,and Brian couldn't see what it was,so he threw his hatchet,missed,and hit the hatchet on the rocky wall of his shelter,causing a nick in his hatchet.

The year that Hatchet was first published was in 1987.

it is hard to cut down a tree with a hatchet. (a hatchet is a smaller version of an axe)

where was the book hatchet published

Gary Paulsen wrote 'Hatchet.'

There are 19 chapters in Hatchet

I want to kill someone with a hatchet

a hatchet is a inclined plane

He got it from his mom when they were leaving

because he gets Gaven the hatchet by the pilot and the hatchet keeps him alive and teaches him how to live in the wild. Without his hatchet he never would of been able to make a fire, make tools, or make weapons

hatchet was going to crash

some of the themes of hatchet are hardship and perseverence

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