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  • sailors
  • flight attendants
  • nurses
  • doctors
  • cops
  • air force
  • army
  • navy
  • marines
  • coast guard
  • post men

and many many more x

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Jobs that have a specific uniform include officers of the law (police, detective, sheriff, etc), any position on active duty with the military, maid service in most hotels and some customer service outlets like restaurants and department stores.

However, most jobs have either a written dress code that can make employees look like they are wearing a uniform even if they are not. This is often the case in department stores, fast casual restaurants, doctors offices and other places. For example, the dress code at KMart used to be black pants with a collared white or red top and a red KMart-issued vest over top. All the employees were easily identifiable because they were wearing distinctive clothing, but this wasn't a true uniform as you would have individuals wearing anything from black jeans to black dress slacks, and white or red shirts ranging from a button down to a polo. If a uniform were required, you would see everyone wearing the exact same color, cut and style of clothing.

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1.Fire Fighter

2.Police Man

3.Medical Examiner

4. Nurse

5.McDonalds Workers

6.Burger King Workers

7. Zaxby's Workers

8.Sonic Workers



11.Insurance Workers

12.Front Desk Managers

13.Magazine Workers


15.Factory Workers

16.People that make computers

17.Best Buy People

18.Target Workers

19.Wal-Mart Workers

20.Sam's Workers

21.Gym Instructures

22.Coachs for a game

23.White House Workers


25.Walgreens Workers

26.Picture Developers People

27.Office Workers

28.Home Depot Workers

29.Lowes Workers

30.Blockbuster Workers

31.Sally's Workers

32.Subway Workers


34.Tichi Instructers

35.Hobby Lobby Workers

36.Ambulance Workers

37.Small Buisness Workers

38.Cow Ranglers


40.Special Ed Workers



43.ER Operraters

44.Bee Keepers


46.Bi-LO Workers


48.Salon Stylist


50.Keep Bugs Away People

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police,military,pilot,flight attendant,bank clerk,

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Q: Can you list 50 job that wear uniforms?
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