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Well, yes and no. People do live for many years that have Huntington's. However, it does cause changes in the brain that will affect the ability to control movement, which affects walking, talking, swallowing, etc. The condition does not get better, there is not a cure, and most people will die within about 20 years of the onset of symptoms. However, the onset of symptoms may be later in life for some people. My wife has Huntington's, she is 67, and right now is walking in the backyard, looking at her flowers.

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Q: Can you live if you have huntingtons disease?
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How is your qualitie of life affected if you have huntingtons disease?

Answer this question Its live able

Is huntingtons disease hereditary?


Symptoms of huntingtons disease?

The symptoms of Huntingtons Disease are, mental deterioration and uncontrollable movements; symptoms usually appear in middle ages.

How do you inherit huntington's disease?

Huntingtons disease is inherited from your parents

What are the advantages of Huntingtons disease?

There are no advantages, it's a terrible disease.

Is huntington's disease curable?

No but it is a very slow and unpainful processno sadly huntingtons disease(also known as huntingtons chorea) has no known cure.

Is Huntington's disease curable?

No but it is a very slow and unpainful processno sadly huntingtons disease(also known as huntingtons chorea) has no known cure.

On which chromosome is huntingtons disease located?

# 4

What causes huntingtons disease?

a dominant allele

Is huntingtons disease a point mutation?


Is huntingtons disease monosomy or trisomy?


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Are aspergers syndrome and huntingtons disease connected?


Is cystic fibroses linked with huntingtons disease?


Is huntingtons disease X-linked?

Huntington's disease is autosomal dominant.

What is a treatment for huntingtons disease?

medication and anti deprassants

Is huntingtons disease an autosomal dominant trait?

Yes it is.

Is huntingtons disease is carried by a dominant allele?


Is Parkinsons chorea related to Huntingtons disease in men?


What is other name for huntingtons disease?

Huntington's Chorea

Who can have huntingtons disease?

An adult that has hunnington's disease and has a child the child has a 50% chance of developing the disease in the future

How do you treat Huntingtons disease?

There is no cure for this disease, but there is treatment to make it more tolerable for the patient.

How do you prevent huntingtons disease swag?

HD is a genetic disease, and currently cannot be prevented.

What is a true statement about Huntingtons disease?

Huntingtonโ€™s disease is a fatal neurological disease A+

What are some unique feture to huntingtons disease?

they have notch teeth.