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Yes technaically you can... Although depending on what kind of person you are and what you believe it may concern you to a great extint. If you have problems living with someone who is a pathological liar I suggest you eave them if possible and if not then you may want to tell some one your troubles to see if you or the pathological liar can get help.

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Q: Can you live with a pathalogical liar?
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Whats the name for a pathalogical liar?

I think it's pathalogical liar or chronic liar.

What is pathological?

pathalogical liar means a disease that makes you lie.

Are you supose to feel sorry for a pathalogical liar?

No more than for any other illness.

Pathalogical liar means a disease that makes you lie?

Well, not really a disease, its a mental disorder that causes you to lie uncontrollably.

How do you confront a pathological liar?

a true Pathalogical liar dosent' even realize they're doing it and it's nearly impossible to stop them the best thing to do is limit contact.Be really discreate about it...tell him/her to their face when the time is right. or you can spread rumors behind their backs...

You think you are a pathalogical liar because you have researched it and do everything it says and admit there is a problem what can you do to stop this with out treatment?

It is very difficult to change a personality disorder like this without therapy. Of course, since you are a pathological liar, you are probably lying now. However, you can try rewarding yourself when you tell the truth. Sometimes that helps to break a bad habit.

Is being a pathological liar a mental problem?

Yes it is, but if the person wants help it can be cured without medications. A pathological liar is usually learned from either stress while growing up in a disfunctional family; abuse issues; being told that they are stupid and won't amount to much. Pathalogical liars feel so low and disfunctional that they embellish on almost every subject to make themselves feel important and also impress those around them. If you told a pathalogical liar you would shoot them in the foot if they didn't tell you the truth they still couldn't tell the truth. They just can't help it and they need psychological counseling to help learn the tools to over-come this.

Is it dangerous to live with a compulsive liar or pathological?


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