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Yes you can live with one lung.And you can live with one kidney

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Can you live with one lung after cancer is removed?

People can live with one lung or one kidney.

Can a person live with one lung who has tuberculosis?

no it is not possible that an person can live with out one lung

Can you live with only 1 lung?

Yes you can live with one lung.

Which animals have one lung?

A snake has one lung. Humans can also live with only one lung. The one lung compensates for not having two.

Can you live with one lung and have emphysema?

people can leave with one lung.they can have emphysema.

Can somebody make it with one lung?

Yes. A person can live with just one lung.

Can you live a normal life with one lung and a lung disease?


If one lung explodes do you live?


Can you live without 1 lung?

yes you can live without one lung but it takes time to get used to it

Can a cat live with one lung?

Yes, cats can live with only one lung, however you need to get a vet's advice on how to care for it. :)

How long can a patient live with one lung?

The loss of one lung does not decrease a person's life span.

Can a human live with one lung?


Can people live one lung?


Can you live with only one lung and asthma?

YES! you can live with one lung and have asthma.Your life is lived a bit slower and carefully (not to provoke an attack) but you still live a normal and healthy live!

Can people live on one lung?

no its like sausage and you can't live

How long can you live with one lung?

People have lived into their 90s with one lung. (One only loses maximal exercise capacity, due to reduced total lung volume.)

How long does a dog live with one lung?

a dog with one dog surprisingly actually live longer than a dog with 2 lung :-) woooooooooooow. a dog with 1 lung can averagely live for around 78 years. i know a long time

How can you live with one lung?

Yes u can live without a lung because the lung is like a ballon so u will only run out of breth easier than normal!!!

Why a person with pneumothorax has the right lung was collapsed why the left lung was still inflated?

The lungs operate independently , and you can live with one lung.

Can you live without your lungs?

No you cannot live without your lungs. Some people are currently living on one lung but you must have at least one lung. The lung is responsible for collecting and distributing the oxygen you need in order to breathe.

What organs can you live without?

Appendix, one kidney, one lung.

My mom has cancer in left lung can she live without that lung?

Yes, your mom will still be able to live with one lung, i can say so because i only have one, also i was born with no tongs oles, one lung, one kidney and a very, VERY low immune system. This is called Hypogammaglobulineimia, you can even Google it or look it up in the dictionary of you want to.

Why cant you live without a lung?

You can. You won't be able to very physically active, but people have survived with only one lung.

Can you live with 1 lung?

Yes, while the person has less space to breathe making things like sports difficult, it is possible to still live with one lung.

What is an unhealthy lung?

An unhealthy lung, is a lung that is perfect. It has no problems, and if you have an unhealthy lung, then you will live for about 90 minutes. If you have a healthy lung then you will live until 50 years. Thanks for reading Daniel Murison

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