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If you are a minor you need your parents permission to move.

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Q: Can you live with your grandparents?
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Can a 15 year old make a decision to want to live with her grandparents?

It is up to the Parents To Allow her to live with her grandparents.

Can a child of 16 move away from grandparents who have custody and live other grandparents?

Only if the grandparents who have custody approve of this.

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Can a minor move out if their grandparents have guardianship?

No, a minor can not move out of their grandparents home if they have guardianship. The minor will have to live with the grandparents until their 18th birthday.

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If your a minor and your grandparents have temporary custody over you can you choose to live with your other grandparents with only the consent of your father?

No. Only the grandparents who have custody over you can give you consent to do so. And even then, they may not be able to give you permission to live with your other grandparents, depending on why you other grandparents were not given custody over you in the first place.

If you live in your mother house and you have a baby is there any way she can get grandparents rights just because you wont leave the baby with her?

I don't know where you live but where I live there is no such thing as grandparents rights.

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yes, as long as the parents agree to allow their child to live with their grandparents its fine as long as the grandparents can support the child.

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