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Can you live without the brain?

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"You" are principally your brain, and when the brain is gone, you are not alive. It is possible that massive support could keep bodily functions going, but the body would be "alive" only in the sense that it would not deteriorate.

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Can the brain live without the heart?

No. The brain can not live without the heart.

Can a person live without the brain?

No a person can not live without a brain. You can not live without a brain because it controls everything. Although, some functions of the body are automatic, and a person can live if the brain stem is intact.

How do you live without a brain?

You can't. No brain, you will die.

Can a person live with out a brain?

yes as long as they have a spinal cord they can live without a brain

Can a person live without a head?

No, it is impossible for a human to live without a brain.

Can a person live without its brain?


Can a baby live without a brain?


Would you be able to live without your brain?


Why can you not live without a brain?

The brain controls everything. Without the brain you would not be able to see, breathe, talk, walk, smell,or think.

How long can you live without a brain?

You would die instantly if you hade no brain.

Can a person live without his brain?

I think not. The brain controls everything physical.

Is it possible for a jellyfish to live without a brain?

They do not have anything that could be called a brain.

If your brain is dead can you still live?

No. People cannot live without the brain, because the brain controls your body. You won't be able to breath, move, eat or do ANYTHING, not even swallow, you would be useless without a brain.

How long can your brain can live without oxygen?

ANSWER: For Each Minute Your Brain Does Not Receive Oxygen, Your Chances Of Living Gets ReducedSo A persons brain can live for about 7 Minutes without oxygen

What parts of the brain can a human live without?


Could you live without EMR waves?

no where is your brain

Can humans live without eyes?

no our brain will dry out

How do cockroaches live without a head?

They can live without a head because their brain is in their back. Also they will die of starvation.

What lobe of the brain can a person live without?

A person can live, although not necessarily well, without the frontal lobe.

Can a chicken live without a brain?

No, without a brain, there would be no control over muscle stimulation, breathing, heart rate or digestion.

How long can the brain live without blood?

4-6 minutes and brain damage sets in

Why can't we live without the brain?

The brain controls our body and tells it what to do. If we didn't have it, we would die.

What two parts of the brain can you not live without?

The brainstem and the diencephalon.

How long can your brain live without air?

After about 4 to 6 minutes without air, a large amount of brain cells begin to die.

Could a baby be born without a brain?

Yes it is possible for a baby to be born without a brain, but it is very unlikely that the baby will live past childbirth