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yes you can lose weight playing Basketball, it doesn't have to be everyday but it takes time. When you play sports that you are active in you lose weight.

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Q: Can you lose weight playing basketball everyday?
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How many pounds can you lose by playing basketball?

The answer to your questions depends how often are you playing basketball. You may lose higher number of pounds if you do it everyday. It all depends how active you are plus a sincere dieting. Hope that helps! :)

What can you do at the YMCA to lose weight?

play basketball and swim

Can you lose weight with bikram yoga?

If you eat right and prctice almost everyday you will eventually start to lose weight

How does playing basketball affect your body?

Basketball, well, depending on who you are it will have different effects on your body. Some people will get bad knees and others will stay fit or possibly lose weight.

How much weight can you lose doing crunches everyday?

There are far better ways to lose weight, ask an employee at a gym

Do you lose weight playing a game of basketball?

yea, because you are running around like crazy. the only way you don't lose weight is if you don't give 110% during the game. if you just play and jog the whole way you won't really lose any weight

How do you lose 60lbs fast?

It would not be very healthy to lose 60lbs, but if you are guaranteed over-weight and need to lose weight you could start out walking/running everyday, and improve by walking/running farther everyday.

How might you lose weight fast?

Run everyday for an hour or so!

Can you lose weight by playing ping pong?


What should you eat everyday to lose weight?

you should drink non-fat or fat free milk to lose weight, and get lean muscles :)

How do you eat and lose weight?

You could eat and lose weight by goiing to calorie counter and eating only 2000 calories or below everyday.

How much weight will you lose if you drink 8 cups of water everyday?


Can you eat butternut squash everyday and still lose weight?

Small amounts

How can a person lose weight safely?

by doing exercise everyday and eat less.

How much water does one person need to drink per day to lose weight?

I drink 2 to 4 liters everyday an I lose weight:)

What are the importance of basketball in your daily activities?

Basketball has no importance unless your a little chubby and would like to lose weight.

Do you lose weight playing just dance?


How do you lose weight playing volleyball?

pumping your arms

How can a tamagochi lose weight?

Any tamagochi can lose weight by simple playing games. (on mobile toy not computer)

If you eat fruit and water everyday will you lose weight?

It depends on the type and volume of fruit.

Can people actually lose weight by just eating right and exercising everyday?


Does green tea help in loosing weight?

No it does not physically make your body lose weight but as a snack between meals everyday will make a difference in calories for the day and will eventually lead to weight lose.

Why do you not lose weight if you go to the gym everyday?

Not unless you work out the whole 24 hour day.Are you that serious about losing weight? ;)

If you eat only one salad all day and exercise for about an hour everyday will you lose weight?

You will lose weight but you could also become extremely unhealthy. It is better to gradually lose weight with a restricted calorie diet but with some balance.

Can you lose weght in 2 months for playing basketball?

you can if you eat right and train hard.

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