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Can you make a candle out of a sampaguita flower?

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2014-05-08 22:06:37

yes. I have never heard of making a candle out of a flower

before. Maybe use the flower as a base and dip it in hot wax over

and over again and put a wick in the center. However, it should be

possible to extract oil from the flower, retaining it's smell of

jasmine. If you had enough of them, you would be able to scent a

candle. You could also embed the flower itself in the hot wax and

not only get some scent out of it as it burns, but it would look

pretty at the side of the candle.

A bit more:

I would advise letting the flower dry first, otherwise the

moisture in the flower may rot inside the wax. You can dry flowers

using a food dehydrator, or by placing them in the oven on the top

rack, and on the "warm" setting for about 30 minutes, then turn off

the oven and let them remain overnight without opening the oven


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