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Yes you can, however there are better programming languages for this.

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Is it possible to make a fully 3-d game using Visual Basic?

No, use C++

How can you make a question and answer game in visual basic 6.0?

yes it is very easy

What is a VBA?

visual basic for applications ---------- Alternately, VBA, or Visual Boy Advance, is a Game Boy Advance emulator for most computer operating systems.

Where do you get VB 6.0 for Linux?

There is no version of Visual Basic for Linux. It is possible to run Visual Basic 6 on Linux using a software library called "Wine", but you would still need to provide the copy of Visual Basic. Microsoft does not offer it for free download, and no longer sells it, but you may be able to find installation discs on eBay for a low price.There are some programs for Linux that have comparable functionality to Visual Basic. These include:Gambas. Nearly identical GUI; minor differences in programming language. Available free.REALbasic. Commercial. Not very compatible with Visual Basic.RapidQ. Free. Not updated since 2000, may have trouble on modern Linux.BlitzMax. commercial. Oriented towards game creation.

How do you devlop a mobile game?

It depends on what game you want to make. Post another question saying what mobile game you want to make and what program do you want to use to do it.I recommend you useVisual Basic orJava orPython 3.1 orNotepad orGame Maker from Visual C++ orYoYo Games

Is there any way to us cheats on Pokemon LeafGreen with out using Visual Boy Advanced or game shark?


Is there a programme to create a simple computer game?

ifyou want to create a computer game the best thing to do is learn a programing languae, visual basic 2008 will do good for you.

How can you make a game using visual basic that uses key presses to move things?

try searching up like making tetris on youtube. I have seen some videos and they have you use keys to move the different pieces around

Can you make a fighting game in visual basic?

of course you can make it. all you need is a correct, organized instruction which must be executed at the given event, and on the particular object.

How do you get games in your visual boy advance?

go to and search for the game you want to download then extract the file using winrar and you have a gba rom!

How do you download visual basic 6.0?

Microsoft no longer provide support for Visual Basic 6.0, and downloading or torrenting a copy of the program is illegal because you did not purchase a license for the product. Entertainingly, you can no longer purchase licenses for this product from Microsoft. Your best bet would be to ask friends or companies who have legitimately purchased this product and no longer require it and are willing to give up their license to you (Though you should check if the license is transferable first). It is however, highly suggested that you move on to the more up to date and supported technologies provided by Microsoft, currently Visual Basic 2010. This can do anything that you could do in Visual Basic 6.0 although some rather dramatic changes need to be adopted in regards to the basic programming logic of the language, as it becomes heavily object oriented. Certain rumors have circulated that you can only make game trainers on vb 6.0, this is incorrect and the majority of programmers find the visual basic 2010 environment easier to use.

How can i make John Conway's Game of Life in visual basic 2008 lllllUPDATElllll dont bother answering?

i really cant be bothered now so dont bother answering.

What is the funnest dress up game?

Try playing the dress up game in the sources and related links below.

Is Game Boy advance visual eligal?


On girlsgogames culture dress up which dress is the Egyptian dress?

if you mean the cultural clothing game then the anwser is the gold dress!

Where can you find code for a Visual Basic Tic Tac Toe Game?

Answer - Visual Basic tic-tac-toe codeYou can find Visual Basic code for ic-tac-toe at John Smiley's website. (Link below.) John Smiley teaches programming-including Visual Basic-and has written a number of books, such as Learn to Program with Visual Basic 6. To get the tic-tac-toe code, you may go to his website. The link(s) are below. (main page) this page, scoll down about to the middle of the page and look for the section entitled "Downloads and Sample Projects." It is the 2nd to last link in the section. There should be a link to download it.Answer:For all of your source code needs you should go to :( )Not only do they have visual basic source codes they also have lot's of other languages as well...I have been using planet source code for about 6 years now,it's never let me down they always have something your looking for...Now you don't have to sign up with them but you should its free,and if you don't sign up thers a 3-5 download limit per day I think cant remember the numbers exactly though...

What is the site for the game that you dress up animals?

You can go to dress up

Does one direction have a dress up game online?

There is a One Direction dress up app for Ipad, Ipod, and Iphone. I'm not sure about a 1D dress up game on the computer! its called One Direction dress up. :)

Why won't my Visual Boy Advance load my saved game?

You may have the wrong version of the Visual Boy Advance.

Can you make a dress up game without flash?

If you already HAVE flash you can make a dress-up game but without flash you can't make a dress-up game. ******************************* Actually you can that is if you still want the characters to move. You could use an animation format (gif) but it would entail creating a lot of layers for each frame. This can be done in photoshop using the animation panel to make all the frames move like animation.

What is the best dress up game?

our world

Is there a dress up game for shadow the hedgehog?


How do you get Visual Game Boy Advance?

at or seach it on google.

How many players are allowed to dress for an NFL game?

every game 47 players can be dressed out for the game however the teams roster will have 53 players but the other 6 can't dress out

Is Pokemon orange a visual Game Boy advance game?

Pokemon orange doesn't exist

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