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Of coarse you can make a family without 2 parents!!

All you really need is love :)

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โˆ™ 2008-08-17 17:37:01
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Q: Can you make a family without two parents?
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What is a two child family?

It is a family with two children. A family with two children under the age of 18. It includes two guardians (parents or otherwise) or a single guardian.

What is an Atomic Family?

An atomic family is also known as a nuclear family. This is a family that consists of two parents and their children.

Are there two parents in the family?

Yes, which is called the mother and father.

Can two dark skinned parents make a light skin baby?

Yes, I had one myself. If both parents have light skinned people in their family trees, then you can definitely have a light baby.

A blank family is made up of two parents and one or more children?

a nuclear family

Does Taylor Swift have a family?

Yes. She has a little brother and her two parents.

What type of family is one including more than two generations of parents and their children?

extended family

How many kids can you have on The Sims 1 X-box?

you can only have two, but if you make a family without a mother/father you can have three.

What happens if they have two children in China?

they will send them to another family or foster parents

What was the average family size in 1971?

Two parents and 3-5 children

How do you use the word family in a sentence?

An ideal family has two parents. A traditional family often included one or more of the couple's parents. A family budget can sometimes be strained by unexpected expenses.

What is the probability that a family of 4 would have a girl first and a girl last?

There is no simple answer to the question because the children's genders are not independent events. They depend on the parents' ages and their genes. A family of 4 is a family of two parents and two children. The probability that both children are girls is 0.2334

Does Selena Quintanilla have a big family?

Immediate family-wise: no, she had one brother, one sister, and of course two parents.

How big of families do Germans have?

Average Germans have between 0 and 2 children. Typically extended families do not live together. Two parents and two children make up the average German family.

Can a two light haired parents make a dark haired baby?

It is very unlikely for them to make a dark haired baby however, it could happen if someone in the family had dark hair from past generations.

What is structural flowchart?

it's like a family tree, yourself, then flows to two parents, then flows to their 4 parents, and on and on. in otherwords, a flowchart

How many kids can china have per family?

Two, or else the parents go to jail.

What is the german symbol for family?

There isn't technically a symbol for family in Germany but a black outline of two parents and two children would probably be recognized by most Germans.

Would you consider a unmarried mother who marries an unmarried man a blended family?

Answer First your question doesn't make a lot of sense since it seems that the two of you are married. However it doesn't take a piece of paper and a cermony to make good parents. If the two of you would have stayed unmarried who is to say that the two of you couldn't have been good parents. Not everyone who has children marry.

Are the Simpsons a nuclear family?

Since the term "Nuclear family" is used to define a family group consisting of one or more children living with two parents who are married to one another mostly and are each biological or adoptive parents to all children in the family...Yes, they are.

Mishpahca - Family A fundamental social group in society typically consisting of one or two parents and their children.?

Do you mean in Hebrew letters? משפחה Family-A fundamental social group in society typically consisting of one or two parents and their children.-

Can two o negative parents make a positive child?


Why a nuclear family is no longer a family today?

A nuclear family (two parents plus their children) is still a family; it's just not the most common family arrangement in the United States any more.

Are children from single parent homes less likely to graduate?

There is a big possibility. Without two parents to love them, they give up. They need two people who can help them along. But as long as they have one involved parent, they can make it.

How is Ryan even born?

when two parents mate they make a babby