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we already do. In smart phones we have things, that a P.E.T has, even the navi! The only problem with this is that it only exist in Project Natal by microsoft. Maybe one day we will have something truly like a P.E.T though, I don't think it will be able to fight viruses though. Maybe get them to battle each other, but probably not.

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โˆ™ 2010-10-11 18:28:58
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Q: Can you make a real megaman PET?
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How can you make a Megaman PET?

you cant

Which Megaman pet is better advance pet or the progress pet?

The progress pet

How do you battle on a Megaman pet?


Is there a megaman PET nds app?


How do you heal a mega man pet?

Shake the pet untill megaman is fully healed

In the Megaman pet toy what does the password thing do?

get battles

Can you buy a megaman progress PET in Melbourne?

your mom can

How do you enter passwords on the Megaman advanced PET?

you don't

How does your Megaman pet heal?

It regenerates with points i think

Is Megaman real?

No. This is sad.

How do you unlock noise cards in megaman starforce 3?

you make real life brother bands

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just keep on shaking it

What is the cheat when you can make your pet more powerful in megaman 5 battle network team protoman?

kabob0han lng yan bob0

Is Rainbow Dash a real pet?

No. Rainbow Dash is a fictitious character. Even if she were real, that would make her a person, not a pet.

Where do you get the first Megaman NT Warrior PET?

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Can you make a Megaman pet?

Well, anything can be made with a piece of paper a pen and your imagenation. But if you want an actual working one then you should go and buy one. Check out the: "Advanced PET", "Progress PET" & "Link PET". If you can't find them in your shops, try

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you have to keep shaking it until it starts to beep ^.^ its frustrating

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most likely not but i hope they make one "Megaman EXE Operate Shooting star" is coming out which is a cross between the original megaman and megaman starforce.

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You make a brotherband with another person that has Megaman Starforce Dragon

Will there be a megaman starforce 4?

probably not but i hope they make one Edit by Luis: There's going to be "Megaman EXE Operate Shooting star" which will be a cross between the original megaman and megaman starforce.

When is Megaman x9 coming out?

it will maybe it will come but kejil he who makes Megaman x says that you must see 500 000 people who play Megaman get it to come as he or make them play?

How do you make your pet's head disappear in pet society?

There is a ring in the Cash Shop in Pet Society that makes your pet disappear. If you put clothes on your pet and then the ring you will have no head!! The ring is $10 real money, unfortunately.

Which Megaman PET is better Link PET or the Progress PET?

The link PET is newer, but I recomend the Progress PET, for it's overworld system, the cooler looking chips and I found it easy to hold since I'm used to holding PlayStation & Xbox controllers.

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