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The same frequency and the same amplitude but inverse. This would be a tricky accomplishment, not sure if it can be done perfectly but I'm sure it can be done partially. To visualize this, you can throw rocks in a pond and watch the ripples and imagine two ripples the same size and frequency but of opposite polarity (that is, the peak of one ripple hits the trough of the other ripple such that they cancel each other out). If you have a method of doing this perfectly, please let me know (we could get very rich ;-) TommyTrouble

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Q: Can you make a sound inaudible by another sound with the same frequency?
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What sound does a cassowary make?

The cassowary makes a deep, booming, "thrumming" sound. The frequency can be very low, down to 23 Hertz. At this depth it is almost inaudible to humans who can, on average, hear from 20 to 20000 hertz. It is thought that low frequencies are heard better amidst the dense vegetation of the rainforest.

What makes frequency change?

To make sound frequency change alter the pitch.

What sound waves make high pitched sounds?

High frequency sound waves.

What is frequency compensation?

Frequency compensation is a technique used in amplifiers. It basically controls the sound of the amplifier to make it sound clear and free of positive feedback.

In a stringed instrument the sound frequency of a particular string can be increased by?

Tightening the string will make its' frequency higher.

What sound waves make low pitched sound?

Pitch is affected by the frequency and wavelength of a sound wave. When the frequency is lower there are not as many waves per second, and the wavelength becomes longer. A low pitch is made by the low frequency and long wavelength of a sound wave.

How does a frequency of sound heard change?

i think it is D. make no change

What sound does a longitudinal wave make?

It depends on the wavelength and frequency of the wave.

What make sound higher or lower pitch?

frequency hunny, what grade are you in it is makes,*

What is pitch or frenqency?

pitch and frequency is a type of sound, that helps it make it louder.

What happens to the speed of the waves if the frequency of the wave source is halved?

It is easiest to think of sound waves. Halving the frequency will make the wavelength longer but it doesn't slow the sound wave at all

How loud does a sound have to be to make a avalanche?

The volume of the sound isn't as important as the frequency of the sound. The avalanche is caused by a specific frequency creating a harmonic resonance in the mountain which in turns causes a large mass of snow to slide off the mountain.

Can sound energy effect a solid?

Yes. All solids have a frequency, and when contacted by a sound of the same frequency, it causes the vibration of molecules in the solid. That is why singers can make a glass break vith their voice.

In telegraphy how you are using frequency shift keying?

Like in modems, you make digital zeros one frequency and digital ones another frequency.

What type of sound is created when a string vibrates rapidly?

It doesn't exactly make a different sound, it just creates a sound wave with a frequency that is very rapid.

Does a falling star make a sound and is it possible to hear it as it burns out?

You know, I bet meteorites DO make sounds (inaudible to the unaided ear), and I wonder if we could learn something interesting about them or about the atmosphere by attempting to listen in. I like this question.

Which uses high-frequency sound waves to make an image of a developing fetus?


Smaller objects have higher pitch than larger objects?

Usually that higher the mass of an object, the lower the resonant frequency the object will be. Example: Dropping a heavy chunk of iron will make a low frequency sound (thud or boom) and dropping a small scrap of sheet metal will make a high frequency sound (ping).

What does the amplitude look like for a soft sound?

Amplitude is how loud it is. So a soft sound would have a small amplitude. Frequency is the pitch of the sound. High sounds have high frequency. Wavelength is the type of sound. Music wavelengths are in harmony. Changing the wavelength gives us the different words etc that we make.

How do animals sense Natural Disasters?

They can hearInfra sounds , the low frequency sound natural disasters make .

A loud explosion will produce?

It depends on the explosion a Nuclear bombs make a very high sound Frequency

What does frequency mean in sound terms?

Frequency, referring to sound, is the amount of complete waves every second that produce sound. For example: High pitched sounds, like the sound that whistles make, have a high frequency (lots of waves per second). And Low pitched sounds like the sound that a subwoofer makes have a low frequency (Not so many waves per second) The average human can hear from 20hz (cycles per second) up to around 20,000hz (cycles per second)

What is another name for acoustical energy?

Acoustical energy is only the vibrations that make sound, so sound is another name.

When two waves of the same wavelengths travel such that their crests and also troughs are?

If you have one single sound, it will make a certain type of frequency. Now if the apex of the crest is the exact opposite of the apex of the trough. That single sound will cancel each other out. If you have one single sound, the apex of the crest is exactly the same as the apex of the second sound (at the same frequency) the overall sound will increase.

How is the Cello related to math?

The frequency of the vibrations by the strings and the sound that it produces can be divided (or multiplied) into smaller (or larger) frequencies. The changed frequencies make notes. For example, middle C has a frequency of 278.4375 Hz and the A above that has a frequency of 440Hz.