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Presently we can not make calls to Indian satellite phones now. But we can make calls INMARSAT phones which are from INMARSAT satellite. It will take time to come up with INDAIN Sattellite Phone. Space Application Centre (ISRO), Ahmedabad in India is making now satellite phone now. With in 2 years we can make calls to sattelite phone from landline through satellite and viceversa

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Q: Can you make calls from landline phones in India to a satellite phone on a ship?
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How are cell phones the same as landline phones?

You can place and receive calls with both cell phones and landline phones.

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How do phones make calls?

Phones make calls by sending a signal to a satellite and transferring it to another phone

Is it free to call a mobile phone with a house phone?

No - calls to mobile phones form a landline are charged at premium rates. The actual cost-per-minute will have been set by your landline provider.

What are the call rates for calling Malaysia from Delhi India?

That depends on your telephone company and your calling plan, and may also depend on the day of the week and/or the time of day. Also, calls to mobile phones in Malaysia will generally be more expensive than calls to ordinary landline numbers.

How do space people contact with their parents?

Satellite phones and internet uplinks for video calls, they have really good reception.

Can you get a list of incoming calls made to your landline?

is it possibale to get list of icoming call to my landline

What is a Skype diverter?

skype diverter is an adapter that divert calls from landline and cell phone to skype and from skype to landline and cell phones, like usb rj11, "rylwy" etc It can be also a box like magic jack ! , Rylwy , or any adapter that will transfer the calls via the internet to another location.

Will Vonage allows me to make cheap international calls?

You will need the Vonage World plan, which is extra. With that extra plan you can make unlimited calls to a limited number of countries. For most of those countries, free unlimited only applies to calls to landline phones.

What role does a Skype adapter do?

A Skype adapter allows one to make phone calls on their computer through the Skype service using their existing home phones. Using Skype is less expensive than conventional landline phones.

Do American landline phones work in the UK?

The simple answer is no. The voltage on the ringer circuit is different and an American phone plugged into a UK socket will not ring on incoming calls. However you can still dial out and make calls. Cordless phones are different as the frequency used is different and is illegal due to interference issues etc.

Why is a satellite phone so expensive?

"Satellite phones are so expensive because of the infrastructure in place to support the placement of calls on them. As the name implies, the phone uses a vast network of geosynchronous satellites to transmit calls, and it is very expensive to launch and maintain those satellites."

How do you unforward calls to a mobile phone from your landline?

If you used *72 then your cell number to forward it..You should dial *73 from your landline to unforward calls. Hope it works!

How much does Skype cost?

For VioP calls and chat it is free. For calls to normal landlines cell phones (mobile phones) and text messages (SMS) the charges vary. A landline number can also be rented so that people can call you from normal telecommunication systems. See related link below for more information.

How much does it cost to call 0800 number from mobile?

It depends on your provider but usually calls using mobile phones are charged an additional 3 landline minutes for each mobile minute.

Similarities of cell phone and landline phones?

The both make calls, both can have voicemail, call forwarding, and some other features. If you have a cordless land line phone, then they are both cordless.

Why should I consider a land line home phone when I have a mobile phone?

Though many people have done away entirely with their land line phones, those who make frequent calls, especially international calls can generally save money with a landline phone. Also many DSL internet packages include a landline for only slightly more money.

Is there a Do not call list for cellular phones?

You can register your cell phone on the same list that is used for landline phones: The instructions say it is not for cell phones because it is already illegal to make unsolicited telemarketing calls to cell phones, so theoretically it should not be necessary to register them. But we all know that that is not the case in real life. Registering your cell phone on the regular do not call list will cut down on some of the calls. But there is nothing that will eliminate the calls from the slimey companies who don't care about the law.

Should You Give Up Your Landline Phone?

Most people under the age of 35 or so are so dependent on their cell phones that they hardly pay attention to the traditional landline phone that sits by quietly, sometimes never ringing for days. Improved technology including stronger and more reliable signals as well as the many built-in features of smart phones has made the landline phone nearly obsolete among the younger crowd. Among the over 40 generation, landline phones are still popular as people are hesitant to abandon the traditional way of making and receiving calls. If you can get over the attachment to the old way of communicating you can save some money and simply use your cell phone for both calls at home and those while you are out and about.

Why should you buy a satellite phone over other normal phones?

The main benefit is that a satellite phone doesn't require a radio tower. This means you should be able to place and receive calls from almost anywhere on earth.

What exactly are satellite phones and why are they so expensive What features do they have Do they operate similar to regular cell phones What's the deal I thought only the military used satellite phones. Does one buy a phone and then pay monthly for the ?

A satellite phone is like a cell phone except that instead of connecting calls through cell sites, it connects directly to a satellite. They are very expensive for several reasons, such as much lower production quantity compared to cell phones, and more expensive hardware. Civilians are allowed to own them and there are several different types of plans you can get for the phones, such as monthly, pay-per-minute and unlimited, with prices varying depending on the provider.

Can you transfer your landline no to mobile no without changing your landline no?

You can not have two devices having the same number, what you can do instead is transfer incoming calls to the landline to your mobile. In other words, when someone is calling your landline it will instead be redirected to your mobile device.

Do mobile phones need satellites?

The only time a mobile needs to use a satellite - is for international calling. Domestic mobile calls are handled by the network of repeater masts.

What is the difference between landline phones and mobile phones?

landline phones can only be used near their holder, or in the house or place they are connected to, but mobile phones can be used almost anywhere providing you have enough credit (money to use on phone) to make calls and send texts. only mobile phones can send texts and images. mobile phones also need to be charged regularly to keep the battery power filled up. when the battery power runs out, the phone instantly turns itself off. there is a gauge in the corner of the screen that tels you how mucch battery power is left. the more bars of power, the better.

How are Cell phones and house phones alike?

You can place and receive calls with both cell phones and house phones.