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Can you make cheats for ds?


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2010-01-28 13:56:55
2010-01-28 13:56:55

The company that makes the GameShark has one that can be used for the Nintendo DS.


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You have to have the action replay DS cheats to do the cheats on Pokemon my brother has the cheats for the ds...

For a DS you would need action replay to get cheats and make ones up.

There are many places where one can find Nintendo DS cheats. One can find Nintendo DS cheats at popular on the web sources such as My Cheats and Games Radar.

it is a hacking device that lets you make your own cheats

There are a lot of websites with cheats, so just search "Mario Party DS Cheats" in Google

=No but there are cheats you can unlock=

Turn on your cheats if your is Nintendo I'm not sure if the other DS can!!!!!!!1

sadly there are no ultimate spider man cheats on the ds. soory

It is no cheats it's on a ds only way u can u cheats by PC aka computer

No there are no cheats that I know of. but there is cheats for the DS version

you can get cheats if you get a action replay at gamestop.

there are no cheats for this game and nowhere to type them

by an action replay ds/dsi (you can downlaod cheats for ur ds with it)

The only cheats are activated with an Action Replay.

option/cheats are down the bottom

go to they have good cheats there. is the best place for nds cheats

just type into google acww cheats ds and there should be loads

Mariokart DS does not have a cheat menu.

Google "Drawn to Life cheats DS." A huge list of cheats will come up.

no matter what you have heard, there are no cheats for alien force DS, I've tried them all.

THeir are no cheats you have to be smart to pass the game.

Im sorry, there are 0 cheats. I have tried....but.....none!

you can find cheats for it at or

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