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You can, but they won't taste as good.

You can cook the potatoes a day ahead and then heat them in the microwave and add hot milk or cream when you're ready to serve them. If you do this, I wouldn't MASH them until they've been reheated.

Yes you can when you use cream cheese & sour cream instead of milk. They are called Make Ahead Mashed Potatoes.....I use garlic powder instead of onion powder.

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Q: Can you make mashed potatoes a day ahead of time?
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Can mashed potatoes be made ahead of time?

Mashed potatoes reheat pretty well, even in the microwave, so it is possible to cook ahead of time.

Does eating mashed potatoes make you smarter for a time?


How do you make best mashed potatoes?

It starts by mashing them for a very long time.

Can potatoes be boiled ahead of time to make mashed potatoes?

if you do, drain them and store them in the fridge..otherwise they turn starchy and unedible. when your ready for them heat in microwave, add milk and butter and hand beat. that way you dont break down and make soup out of it

How early can you cut potatoes for mashed potatoes?

You can cut them several hours ahead of time. Just cover them with cold water and place in the fridge. If you put them in cold water they should be ok for a few hours.

Can potatoes be peeled ahead of time?

Sure you can peel them ahead of time. Just make sure you cover them with water and refrigerated and used within a day.

Can red potatoes be cut ahead of time?

Yes, red potatoes can be cut ahead of time. They will need to be placed in water to keep them fresh.

How far in advance can you peel potatoes to make mashed potaotes?

You will have several days after peeling the potatoes to cook them, but only if you keep them submerged in water and refridgerated. This isn't recommended for non-commercial uses but many restaurants (even the four star ones) do this ahead of time to save some time, also they have the space and equipment to manage this easily. Remember, the longer you soak the raw potatoes, the more nutrients you lose.

Where and when did mashed potatoes originate?

Potatoes are native to the Andes Mountains in South America. A curious fact of culinary history is that there were no potatoes in Europe before the late 15th century. When potatoes are boiled, (a basic cooking method used in primitive cultures) the potatoes easily decompose in the water after a time. In fact, when making mashed potatoes, care must be taken not to overcook the mash. Chances are good that mashed potatoes (or something very much like them) were first eaten by the forebears of the indigenous Aymara and Inca people [who kept no surviving records of such trivia] in the Andes, millennia before Columbus.It's believed that Antoine Parmentier, a physician, was the first to make mashed potatoes, in a 1771 competition held in France.

Can you cook potatoes night before for mashed potatoes?

Yes - it is a great way to save time! 20 min or so in boiling water will do the trick.

Can you cook boiled potatoes ahead of time?

If they are kept refrigerated after cooking, yes. This works best - by far - with peeled potatoes.

Do short people eat mashed potatoes and green beans?

No they don't just eat that well they do but not all the time.

When was shepherds pie invented?

There was once a shepherd in Bethlehem. He had a pie. He had mashed potatoes. He was really hungry, so he put the mashed potatoes on the pie and ate them at the same time. Hence, the shepherd's pie.

Can you peel carrots ahead of time?

if you peel carrots and potatoes a couple of hours ahead, does ot remove any more nutrients than peeling at time of cooking?

Can mashed potatoes be made early and kept in crock pot to be kept warm?

Mashed potatoes can be made early, although they probably shouldn't be made TOO far ahead of time as they are at their best when they are first made. If you have a crock pot with a low enough setting that it would keep them warm without browning the potatoes around the edge, I don't see why you couldn't do that. But there's a way you can make them so that they will naturally retain a lot of heat for a while. Instead of boiling the potato cubes, I steam them. I remove them from the steamer, where they are hot, and not at all waterlogged like boiled potatoes. Heat butter and either (1) milk (2) half and half or (3) cream almost to the boil. You must combine all the ingredients together HOT. Nothing cold or room temperature except salt and possibly herbs touches the mashed potatoes when they are made. The steaming hot newly mashed potatoes absorb so much more liquid, they are light and creamy and wonderful. I will make a ten pound bags' worth at a time, so I have a very large bowls' worth, and they will retain the heat, even without covering, for a very long time, they're still quite warm an hour later.

Can you make popovers ahead of time?

You can make popovers ahead of time but they taste much better when they are fresh out of the oven.

What artist performs the song containing the lyrics mash potato?

There are several that fit this question. Dee Dee Sharp (hit #1, 1962) - Mashed Potato Time ....also covered by Chubby Checker, and The Orlons The Undertakers - (Do The) Mashed Potatoes Prince w/New Power Generation - Mashed Potato Girl Billy Thorpe - Mashed Potato

How far ahead can you mash potatoes and store themtoes?

Unfortunately, the smaller food pieces are, the faster they can go bad. This is especially true of mashed potatoes, which because they are mashed, have a lot of surface area to accelerate the aging process, and which don't freeze well. As long as you have a decently cold refrigerator, and you are good about putting the potatoes away right after they've cooled, they should be pretty good for a couple of days, but after that, its a race against time. If you use salted butter and add salt to the potatoes, that should help preserve them a little bit, but the minute you see them changing colors, a slightly grey or brown appearance, or any off smell, they should be thrown out. If I were serving them to guests, I wouldn't make them more than a day in advance, personally.

How far ahead of time can potatoes be cut?

If they are left out in the air not very long. They turn brown pretty quick. However, you can cut them and store in a large bowl with water. This will keep the potatoes from oxidizing, just make sure they are completely covered.

When was It's Mashed Potato Time created?

It's Mashed Potato Time was created in 1962.

How eggs may be used to add nutrients to mashed potatoes?

Mashed potatoes are usually made with potatoes, milk or cream, and perhaps butter. It is also popular to add cheese, roasted garlic, or other extras to mashed potatoes. One reason eggs might be mixed into mashed potatoes would be when preparing a batter for potato pancakes. ....................................... You can add an egg or two - whole eggs, or just the yolks - to potatoes after the milk, cream, or butter. Just push the potatoes out to the sides of the pan, drop in the just-beaten eggs and mix through. The potato mixture should still be warm, not hot. Add only sufficient egg to incorporate without the mixture becoming too soft; add one at a time if unsure. The added egg has the effect of making the mashed potato a little firmer on reheating, if you use the excellent option of making more than you immediately need and refrigerating the rest. Once the potato has been refrigerated overnight you can cut it into slices and fry in butter for a delicious light meal. A traditional Irish breakfast is bacon, started in a cold pan and fried on medium heat until crisp; set aside, raise heat to medium-high and put a couple of slices of yesterday's mashed potatoes into the bacon fat (with a little butter, heated to foaming, if you like). Fry until browned on each side, set aside and keep warm while you quickly fry one egg per potato slice. Serve each potato slice with an egg on top, bacon on the side: you'll be glad you did! You can also cut the mashed potato into squares and bake, as for duchess potatoes, below. Adding egg to mashed potato is also good when using the potato as topping for a baked dish; the potato becomes firmer on baking, and is crisper on top. Side dishes such as duchess potatoes (potato cakes) are made by mashing potatoes, butter and egg yolks together. Spoon or pipe into small heaps, about the size of a half-apple, onto a nonstick or greased tray or baking paper, brush lightly with egg yolk (beaten with sufficient water to make it coat the potato easily) and bake at 200C (400F) for about 20 minutes or until lightly browned. Use a proportion of two yolks to 750g (24oz) potatoes when making duchess potatoes. Plain mashed potatoes and potatoes mashed with egg can be frozen. Duchess potatoes can be made a couple of days ahead and refrigerated, covered, until ready to bake. For a quick meal, slide a tray of pre-made duchess potatoes into the oven while you cook lamb chops or cutlets in a pan. Use wine or stock to deglaze the pan and reduce to make gravy; serve with a green vegetable if you like, and the potato cakes.

Can you make potato soup ahead of time?

yes you can.

To save time can you peel potatoes and soak hours before boiling for mashed potatoes?

Certainly. Put the peeled, diced potatoes in the refrigerator under water. It's the way that restaurants prepare for rush hour fresh potatoes. Be sure to use them before 8 hours to avoid bacteria contamination, and pour off the soaking water. Use fresh water to boil.

Where can you purchase Paradise Valley instant Mashed Potatoes in Canada?

Costco carries it, but only seasonally in the fall and winter months. Apparently it sells well around that time of year, but not well enough in other months to make it worth stocking. Start looking in September.

A freshly cut potato turns brown when left standing. Why do mashed potato stay white?

They will also turn brown if left exposed to the air long enough. The browning is oxidation. Plain raw potatoes that are sliced so the inner starch is exposed to the oxygen in the air will 'rust' or turn brown. Mashed potatoes are cooked and have other ingredients added to them like salt, butter, milk, etc. This cooking and the additives helps preserve the potatoes from oxidation for a longer period of time.

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