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No. If you are both out of body and meet on the astral plane you can interact in a manner that is very real, but it is not a physical contact. Even if you are both in the same place physically when you enter the astral plane, you are not technically "in" your body, therefore your contact is not "physical".

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All spiritual beings are having a spiritual experience. Unfortunately, we think we are physical beings having a spiritual experience. But in reality, we are all Divine Spirits. We don't start as a physical being. Before the body was born on earth, it was an embryo. And before that, it was an embryo, it was a zygote. Can we deny this? First came the Spirit, the energy, that came in to a single cell, that single cell grew in to thirty trillion cells and we were born. When will we realize that we are not this mass of cells, we are that Spirit, that energy that grows and has a physical experience till finally the body dies. When will we realize the true purpose of life?

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Pierre Teilhard de Chardin - born in Orcines, close to Clermont-Ferrand, in France on May 1, 1881. "De Chardin" is a vestige of a French aristocratic title and not properly his last name.Here is some stuff on him from wikipedia:

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