Can you make your breasts smaller by losing weight and exercising in 5 weeks?


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2015-07-15 18:45:53
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Yes, considering that a very large portion of this anatomy consists of fatty tissues.

new answerabsolutely. Ever see female body builders and athletes? i went from a c cup to an a. Very dissapointing, but overall, i am more toned and a lot healthier.

People misconstrue what breasts are really made out of... of course, heavier set people are naturally going to have bigger breasts because they're body tissues are apparently much larger. But what cushions breasts is not fat, like some believe, but tissue. Working out decreases body fat (assisting in the building of lean muscle), and yes, body fat can develop around the upper chest area... Your breasts will look smaller, but it's just the decreasing of the fat, and toning of the muscle, that'll contribute to this "shrinkage." So, technically no, but yes, an intense workout routine will decrease the appearance of them. It most definitely happened to me through this year's track season. In my case, wasn't good! I didn't have much to begin with if you know what I mean! wink


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Nothing specifically as such. However, losing weight may make them smaller because breasts are largely made of fatty tissue.

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by exercising, boobs are just a bunch of fat so if you go to work out, if you notice that that is the first place where you loose weight

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No. However, since breasts are made up primarily of fat, losing weight will make them smaller. Lately I have been doing a lot of crunches,and my boobs have gotten smaller. Try doing situps instead!

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by losing weight, and exercising

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One answer: exercising and eating healthy foods.

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