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Try turning the key on (without engine running) for about 5 sec. do this twice it may prime fuel pump

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How do you prime engine?


How do you prime fuel system of Kenworth with cummins power plant?

The question is WHICH Cummins engine? Either there'll be a hand pump on the left hand side of the engine, which you'll have to unscrew and pump manually, or it'll do it electronically... if you put on dry fuel filters, you might have to turn the ignition switch on, let it prime for a couple minutes, and repeat that process a couple times.

How do you prime the oil pump a 1993 Honda Prelude Si?

A easy way is to either crank the engine over with the starter motor, without the coil being plugged in until oil pressure is obtained.If rebuilding an engine and you want to prime before completion just squirt oil into the oil pickup while the engine is upside down and turn the pump drive to lube the internals. This will help get pressure faster when it comes time to prime with starter motor when engine is in vehicle.

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How do you prime fuel pump small engine?

You do not have to prime it. It is self priming.

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How do you prime the lifters on a 350?

There's NO need to. They will prime thereselves as soon as the engine starts.

How do you prime oil pump 1999 silverado?

You don't have to prime it. It sits in oil and will prime naturally as soon as the engine starts.

How do you prime new hydraulic roller lifter?

There's no need to they will prime themselves when the engine starts.

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Type the words "prime numbers chart" into the search engine on your computer.

How do you prime a car engine?

The "official" method is to prime the fuel pump. Depending on what type of fuel pump you have, it may be a manually primed or electrically primed fuel pump. On most passenger vehicle, this is done automatically when you turn the key from the "off" to the "on" or "accessory" position. If you ran out of fuel, give it a few seconds. If you're in a vehicle which doesn't do this (this is common for large commercial trucks), you'll either have to manually actuate the electric pump via a switch (if so equipped), or manually pump the primer. A better way to go about it is to remove or expose the fuel filter (depending on what sort of fuel filter housing your vehicle has), fill it up with fuel, then reinstall it.

How do you prime engine 1991 Le Baron?

Crank it over, should self prime.Crank it over, should self prime.

How do you prime an oil pump on a slant six?

You do not have to prime the pump. Just add the correct amount of oil and start the engine.

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What problems can be caused by running a diesel engine starved for fuel?

A diesel engine that is starved for fuel will lose prime. This means that you will be unable to start the engine once it has stalled.

When starting engine for the first time what kind of oil should be used to prime engine?

The same oil you intend on using for the life of the engine. Check with the manufacture's specifications.

How do you prime the oil pump on a 1991 Toyota V6 truck?

How do you prime the oil pump on a 1986 Toyota truck with 20r/22r engine

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Why when i installed New oil pump no oil pressure 3.0 ford?

when puting a oil pump in a motor u always need to prime the pump manually and check it screen