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It is possible for a U.S. citizen to marry an illegal immigrant if the immigrant has valid identification. However, marrying a citizen does not automatically confer permanent resident status or citizenship and is not a guarantee that the person will not face deportation. Such situations are assessed by the USCIS on an individual basis, for more information visit the United States Citizenship and Immigration Services website at

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Q: Can you marry an illegal in Texas without him being deported?
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Can an illegal immigrant marry a us citizen in Texas?

As long as both parties provide a birth certificate a US citizen can marry an illegal in Texas. However, this will not prevent the illegal from being deported.

Can an illegal person under the age 18 go to school without being deported?


Can an illegal alien be deported for getting a ticket for driving without a licence?

An illegal immigrant can be deported upon being caught and handed over to the relevant authorities. By getting caught for driving without a license, the authorities would have been notified of their presence.

Can a illegal Mexican married to an American get his green card without being deported?

yes but it takes lots of time and money

How many illegal immigrants are being deported?

200,000 unlawfully present foreign nationals were deported from the United States in 2005.

How many children can you babysit without being licensed in texas?

None. It's illegal

Does injured worker who is an illegal immigrant get workers comp after being deported?

No stupid. Think about it.

What can I do from keeping my illegal husband from being deported because you have 4 kids that are American citizens?

If he is being deported primarily because of illegal or criminal activity - very little or nothing. He had no right to be here in the first place and especially none to stay if he is a criminal.

What are chances of being reported or deported if illegal in US during child custody case im in good standing with the other parent just here illegally we were never married?

You will very well be deported as you are firstly a illegal person living in the U.S.A without any valid papers, but now you have made a American lady pregnant , without marrying her legally only with the intent to get your papers to stay on.You will be arrested for the pregnancy act and you will be deported back.

Can an illegal immigrant be prevented from being deported?

yes they can but you have to get an immigration lawyer and a very good one at that.

What is the verb for being kicked out of the country without the right to return?


Will domestic violence charge against a legal spouse short cut residency for an illegal alien?

It is not clear just what it is that is being asked. If you're illegal, you're illegal. If you domestically assaulted someone and they take you into custody, you will be deported. If your domestic partner assaulted you, they can be charged, but you will still be deported.

Can one be deported back to his country for being an illegal alien?

Yes. In some countries, deportation is limited to illegal aliens who have also committed crimes.

Why is a person deported from America?

The most common reason for deportation is being an illegal allien. for someonebeing a foreigner residing legally and with permit in the USA, comiting a crime can get him deported.

Can illegal alien married to US citizen be deported for possession marijuana?

Of course! Being married does not affect one's legal status, even a legal alien can be deported for criminal activity.

How does an illegal spouse get papers through marriage if they were deported for being in the US illegally?

They apply for a visa. Because they were deported, there may be fines and a long waiting period (3 to 5 years).

Can a US citizen keep an illegal immigrant from being deported for a criminal case from 10 years ago if they get married?


What can an illegal immigrant do if he lives in the US and is being physically abused by his wife who is a US citizen what are his leagal rights as a human being?

Answer: If you are being abuse and is an illegal immigrant, what you need to do is leave her, because she can report you to INS and you will get deported. Because you are illegal, there is really nothing much you can do with the legal system.

Can a nurse act unethically without being illegal?

Ethics and legality go hand in hand. Being ethical guarantees being legal. Being legal does not guarantee being ethical. Being unethical is not necessary illegal. A nurse can act unethically without being illegal.

Are Toyota supra illegal in Texas?

Toyota Supras are not illegal in Texas if you have one that was produced while they were still being produced in Texas. If you buy one from out of the country then it could be. Also, if you have illegal aftermarket parts then you could be ticketed.

If a US citizen has a baby by an illegal immigrant can you go to court without him being deported?

I am noticing it is not that easy to get someone deported because of expenses. Unless they have done some crime here in America, then it seems as though no one cares. * If the unlawfully present immigrant appears in a court of law regardless of the reason for him being there, authorities are required to take him into custody and remand him to immigration officials. Whether or not he will be deported depends upon if he qualifies as a refugee or asylee.

Can an illegal immigrant apply for a visa card to travel after being deported?

Sometimes, depnds on why he was deported, however the fact that he has shown disrespect for the country and its laws may make it less likely that he will be legally admitted.

What are illegal sanctions?

Illegal immigration another country illegally includes a variety of restrictions, as well as the risk of being detained and deported or of facing other sanctions.

You are in love with a Haitian man and he is being deported - he got in trouble in Texas with the law -- he cant come back to the US-- can you get married?

if you go to Texas maybe but in the us NO

Is it illegal to tape record someone without their knowledge in the state of Texas?

You must tell the person you are recording them or it is illegal in Texas. Law pretty much states that both parties must have knowledge of conversation being recorded and both parties must consent to it.

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