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Yes, irregular bleeding can occur with the implant. However if you are worried, best to see you GP

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Q: Can you miss your period and the next month have implantation bleeding?
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Can this be implantation bleeding you miss your period for 1 month then on the first of the next month you have light bleeding for one day and passed a small blood clot?


Can bleeding 4 days before your period be implantation bleeding?

If there's a chance that you could be pregnant, then yes, it could be. You should take a pregnancy test if you miss your period.

You missed your period in April now you been having implantation bleeding and today makes the 4th day?

The only implantation bleeding you should experience should be a couple of days before your period is due - not a month after you miss your period. Are you sure you are pregnant? It could be the beginning of a miscarriage. Implantation bleeding doesn't last 4 days hun. Its rare when it lasts this long. AND if you missed your period in April you definitely will not be having implantation bleeding now. You may be experiencing a late period which is lighter than normal for you. But I would have a blood test to see if you are pregnant or whether its a hormonal problem causing the missed period.

To be pregnant and have a period one month but miss the next month?

Its not possible you dont have your period at all if you pregnant and you wont have a normal period if you are its possible that it wont even come on which is a missed period. Most women do mistake periods for implantation bleeding (spotting),which is not a period just because they see a red spot or they bleeding on and off their pregnant while their on there period, no it doesnt work that way if you having periods while your pregnant please get checked.

How long should you wait to take a test after implantation bleeding?

It would prob be best to wait until you miss your period to test...or 14 DPO

If you get your period and spot blood once almost 2 weeks later after unprotected sex are you pregnant?

Yes you could be pregnant. Take a test when you miss you period. It could be implantation bleeding.

If you need a pantyliner does than mean it's not implantation?

No, you need a pantyliner with implantation too. If you miss your next period, take a test

Can you miss your period one month but get it the next month?


Is it too early to test 2 days after having what you think is an implantation bleeding?

I would say yes. Normal pregnancy tests can't be used until you miss your period. Some as early as the day you were supposed to start your period.

Why would you have your period for just one day?

If you have had sex recently, it could be implantation bleeding. Take a pregnancy test. If it is negative, wait and see what will happen with your next period. If you miss that or it is lighter or shorter than usual, go and see the doctor

Could you be pregnant if you had a spot of blood on your tissue and when you wiped it again there was no blood?

It's possible. The blood you saw could have been a result of implantation bleeding. Wait until you miss your period and then take a test.

When can you expect your period after a miss carriage?

You will have your menstruation after a month.

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