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Can you mix creatine with diet pills?


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You can mix creatine with diet pills. It would not hurt anything or cause any negative side effects. Creatine provides energy to the muscles in your body.

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No that's never a good idea. Dont take diet pills in the first place, they really don't help all that much

DO NOT mix your diet pills with alcohol. Especially with prescription diet pills. Drinking alcohol or even taking a cough syrup with alcohol in it can interact with the medication.

To answer your question about MRI black powder pills, they do not contain any creatine.

Yes you can, you can mix anything with protein

Yes, snorting diet pills will get you high, but only certain brands of diet pills.

Some diet pills do actually work depending on how they are taken and your diet modifications with the pills. Working pills include phentermine and Meridia.

No, you should not mix any medication with Abilify without your doctor's OK.

No diet pills work, so therefore no diet pill is the strongest

Kids can't take diet pills

can you breastfeed and take diet pills! The short answer- NO WAY

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Best use is powdered creatine mix with juice

it is where you take diet pills to lose weight. which is also called "dietary supplement pills."

There is no 'best' diet pills, it depends very much on your personal circumstances.

Phendimetrazine diet pills

Its never a good idea to take diet pills to lose weight. Most of diet pills are not FDA approved. Also weight loss with help of such pills is not long lasting. Try sticking to exercise and a healthy diet to lose weight gradually.

No, he took antidepressants and painkillers, not diet pills. He was skinny because he didn't eat much, which has always been the case with him.

Yes, when you buy diet pills, they will ask to see your ID in most states.

Yes, but try to work out. Hit the gym - I don't trust "diet pills".

Diet pills containing caffeine have that effect on some people, as the pill wears off.

Depending on the form of Creatine you get, it can vary. Creatine in the form of powder is pretty much tasteless. If you mix it with a sports drink, or some kind of fruit juice, you will more than likely not taste any difference.

I do not recommend diet pills. If you were to follow the recommended diet (included with the pills) and spare yourself the $30 expense, you'd see similar results. Diet pills are generally a mix of caffeine and herbal stimulants that have questionable results. Losing weight is only temporary if you keep eating for a higher weight. I recommend taking a multi-vitamin (capsules, preferably) to ensure your body is getting proper nutrition and eating less. Drink a full glass of water with that vitamin, and one before each meal, too.

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