Can you mix homemade cake mix with storebought cake mix?


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Of course!

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"homemade" is by definition something that was created at home, in a private nonindustrial environment. An "antonym" of a word is the word which has the opposite meaning. So, the antonym of Homemade would be storebought.

Usually you look at the cake mix box or the calories of all the ingredients and add them up

It depends on the ingredients either you or the baker puts in. With homemade at least you know exactly what has gone into the cake.

first you can add milk and peanuts in a blenders; mix until it is smooth. After while you are mixing the cake mix add the mix to the cake mix

A delicious Black Forest cake - specially selected from the finest bakery in town. Delivered fresh to the doorstep of your loved ones professional gifting personnel

Usually cake mix is meant to be a moisture cake, whereas pound cake is dense. Pound cake is easier to stack/sculpt. Cake mix usually has better flavor, whereas pound cake mix would require a syrup to help with flavor and moisture.

Yes, cupcakes can be made with a cake mix.

well the cake mix might have flour with it so i think you don't need to add cake flour. Kitten ^.^

What it says on the packet of the cake mix usually.

one package cake mix will make 1 8" cake

I think cake mix is more fattening.

The cake will not taste the way it is supposed to.

cupcake mix is just cake mix, except for instead of putting it in a cake pan you put it in a cupcake pan.

An angel food cake mix cannot be made into a regular cake. Angel food cake mix does not contain the necessary fat and other ingredients required in a regular cake.

Yes. You can bake a cake from scratch or buy a ready made cake, crumble and mix with frosting to make cake pops. Using cake mix for cake pops is popular cause the results are consistent. The cake pops themselves are time consuming to make so many cake poppers prefer using cake mix for their cakes.

That would be able 2 boxes of cake mix.

With a cake mix, you should really only be able to make a cake or make cupcakes.

White cake mix is white in color, while yellow cake mix is yellow in color, to begin with the obvious. White cake mix is often also made with only egg whites, and tends to be lighter and fluffier in feel and milder and sweeter in taste. Yellow cake is often vanilla flavored and a typical cake mix commonly used.

The first company to make a cake mix was Duff & Sons in 1920. This was only a starter mix for cake. The first complete cake mix was on the market in 1948, made by Charlotte Sachs. This mix is typical of the brand, Bisquick, on the market today.

White cake mix cannot be substituted directly for angel food cake mix. The two products have different ingredients that produce different types of cakes. However, if it is only important to have a white cake, and an angel food cake is not specifically required, then you could bake a white cake with a white cake mix instead of trying to make an angel food cake.

A cake mix is a powdered mixture of dry ingredients used to produce a cake, or to produce the finished mixture before baking a cake.

Yes you can freeze cake mixes but when it gets defrosted and baked, it won't have half the flavor or moistness. You can also store an unbaked cake mix in the freezer. And, you can freeze a baked cake that was made with a cake mix.

Cake = Is already baked and ready to eatCake mix = Is the powder of a cake which you usually just put in some eggs and oil

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