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Yes you can as long as it's Latex (water-based paint ... not oil.) If you are changing your color such as a yellow or very light color, then pour the white a little at a time into the pastel color and test it on the wall a little at a time. If you are working with dark colors such as Mochas it's best to take your two cans of paint back to where you got them (with a sample of the color you want) and let them do the mixing.

2010-08-28 16:46:28
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Q: Can you mix two cans of the same brand of paint if they are the same color but one is flat and the other is eggshell?
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Can you recoat eggshell paint with eggshell paint?

Yes. you can.

Can you mix eggshell paint to change the colour?

Yes, but remember that eggshell is already a changed color, so to speak. It's a colored white. Mix small amounts of the eggshell and other color to see your results. You may have to make several mixtures, so be sure to keep track of the amount of color you put into the eggshell so that when you get the color you want, you'll know how you got it and how to get it again.

Can you put polyurethane over eggshell paint?

Yes, you can put polyurethane paint over eggshell in latex or eggshell in oil.

Is egg shell white a standard interior paint?

No eggshell is a reference to sheen purportedly to look like the shell of an egg not a color Also there is no standard interior paint eggshell is a common sheen as is satin for interior color is the choice of the one who will accept it

Can yo use eggshell paint on doors?

Yes, eggshell paint is good for doors.

What is the difference between acrylic and eggshell paint?

Two entirely different things. Acrylic is a type of water-based paint (usually latex/acrylic) and eggshell refers to the sheen (ie flat, satin, eggshell, semi-gloss, etc...). Also some people assume eggshell refers to a certain color, however with many paint companies, the term "eggshell" refers to the sheen texture (feels like an egg shell) and not the color of an egg (which, of course, depends entirely on the type of bird if came from). :)

Can you use eggshell paint on exterior wood?

I would if it is oil based eggshell.

Can you put eggshell paint over satin paint?

yes, although with every paint job you should prepare the surface first. It is easier to put eggshell paint over satin paint finishes, but it is harder to do the opposite. To put a satin paint over an eggshell paint, you would have to sand to obtain a smooth surface first.

Can you turn eggshell paint into flat paint?

Yes, you can turn an eggshell semi-gloss or gloss paint into a flat paint by adding a flattening agent. This agent is often chalky in appearance and can be found in most paint stores.

Is eggshell paint suitable for exterior use?

No, because eggshell paint is intended only for indoor use, like kitchens or bathrooms. For exteriors, use paint with a satin finish.

Can you cover eggshell paint with flat?

As long as the base is compatible, oil over oil or latex, latex only over latex, you can cover an eggshell paint with a flat paint.

What is eggshell enamel paint?

arsenal rule

How do you make your own eggshell paint?

that not eazey

Can you paint flat over eggshell?


Can you paint eggshell latex paint over a latex high gloss paint?

Painting over just about any sheen is possible. The only thing that I would recommend is to primer the surface 1st for a better application of the eggshell. If you do not primer the surface there may be a chance that the high gloss will show through and end up costing you more money to apply the much more expensive eggshell instead of the inexpensive primer. Unless you have plenty of paint for a second application of the eggshell. Then that would be okay. I do believe you can cover any sheen ( depending on color ) with two coats.

How do you repaint suede paint on walls another color and keep the suede look?

Just get the same level of sheen. (Ex Eggshell, Flat, Semi-flat, Gloss, High Gloss) I don't know if suede is a paint term. Sounds eggshell/semi flat which are pretty much the same thing but many brands use 1 or the other.

Is eggshell powder used in preparation of paint?

no it isn't

What two colour paints do you mix for eggshell?

Eggshell can range from white through to brown. Normally eggshell refers to the finish of the paint rather than the colour

Can you paint eggshell paint over eggshell paint?

Sure can, just rough it up a little with 220 sandpaper. If you live in a pre 1970's house be sure to check for lead paint prior to sanding. The dust from lead paint can be very harmful.

Can you paint over gloss paint with eggshell?

As long as it's the same base, yes, you can

Can you mix satin finish paint with eggshell finish paint?

As long as they are the same base you can.

What tyoe of paint is best for painting interiors?

I would recommed satin or eggshell. Satin and eggshell paint or both easy to wipe/clean and better to withstand multiple cleanings.

How can you convert dulux to ral colour?

You can try but it is a paid service.

Can you paint satin paint over eggshell paint?

Yes, Eggshell and Satin are very similar. Though i would recommend scuffing the walls with a sanding block or sandpaper to help with adhesion . Also current and new colors will make a difference, you may need to use primer if applying a lighter color over a darker one or if there are excessive stains on the walls.

What is the best brand of student clarinets?

just any water color paint would work but I asan art teacher recremend color splash as a brand