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Yeas Look For Your I Tunes Folder It May Be At C:\Documents and Settings\Compaq_Administrator\My Documents\My Music\iTunes

If Not Go To Serch And Type I Tunes The Transfer It To A Cd Or Flash Dirve

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Can you turn off your computer when you are downloading movies from itunes without losing them?

No. If you are downloading your computer needs to be on

How do you avoid losing your music on your ipod by using some else's itunes?

You can't. If you sync with iTunes on another computer iTunes will force you to wipe the iPod.

How do you change your iTunes account without losing memory?


Your computer somehow shut down and mostly all of the iTunes music got erased How can you transfer your songs on your ipod to the computer without losing everything?

Plain and simple you cant

If you purchase a new computer how do you install and register your ipod again without losing any of the information found in both the ipod and in the itunes music library?

From your old computer, go to the 'File' menu on iTunes, go to 'Library', then 'Back up library'. Copy the backup, open with iTunes on the new computer, and it should be there.

If you have itunes 8 and want to upgrade to itunes 9 can you do so without losing all your stuff?


How would I transfer songs from my iPod to iTunes without losing them?


Will Restoring your Computer Mean Losing your iPhone Contacts etc When resyncing?

Yes but if you go into music/itunes and back-up the itunes folder onto a USB stick or something then put it back on your computer once you reinstalled itunes then it should be fine.

How do you upgrade your iTunes without losing all your music?

When iTunes is upgraded, it preserves your music library so just run the upgrade process and you'll be fine

How do you download from iPod to itunes without losing from iPod?

If think that this doesn't work because I've tried it before

If you are using an iPod on a PC with Microsoft will you lose all your songs if you start using a mac?

You can move your iTunes music library from a Windows computer to a Mac without losing any of your songs. (See links below)

You just got an ipod touch and you were wondering how can you upgrade your itunes without losing your old songs?

You don't have to upgrade iTunes, you just can set your ipod touch to a "replacement" even though it's not.

How can you sync your iPod touch to your new computer without losing all your songs?


Can you add songs from a new itunes account without losing your data?

Yes. Just click "buy" and drag the song over to your playlist.

Can an American move to another country without losing his US citizenship?


If you had to reformat your computer and re-install iTunes how do you sync your iPhone without losing your apps?

After installing iTunes, plug in your iPhone and let it complete any patch updates or system backups. Then, find your iPhone under "Devices" in the left-hand explorer bar, right-click it, and select "Transfer Purchases." See for screenshots.

IF you got an ipod from a friend and it has music on it can you put the music on your itunes on it without losing the music already on it?

It is possible if you check off the syncing, and choose manual upload.

How do you download music to iPod without losing songs on iPod?

You can download music without losing songs. Unless your iPod doesn't have any more room for music. You can download songs from iTunes. You can buy songs form the Apple store or you can download songs from a CD. You can put music on your ipod by dragging the song(s) to the little iPod logo, located on the right hand side of the iTunes menu.

What are the threats that are caused by computer virus?

Losing money, Losing passwords, losing personal details, the virus could crash your computer, and the hacker could use your computer to commit crimes such as DDoSing.

Can you update your iPhone and save my music?

updating your iPhone should not affect your music, but if it does, you should have a copy of your music stored on your iTunes authorized computer. If you purchase your music on iTunes, you should have a copy of all of the music you ever purchased in iCloud incase you lose anything. I think manually managing your media on iTunes has something to do with losing your music after updating.

How do you sync your iPod with a completely new itunes on a computer without losing all your music?

When you plug in the iPod to the new computer, iTunes should display a message that reads something like "purchased items have been detected on this iPod. Would you like to transfer these purchases?" this message may display before or after you choose to sync the iPod with that computer. However, it may be risky to sync if the message does not display beforehand. It should display a one point though, and a problem only arises if the message is never shown. Hope this helps and sorry i couldn't provide an absolute answer.

Can you delete the song files without losing your itunes library?

Deleting a Playlist does not delete your song files. They are stored under Library-MUSIC. IF you delete it from the MUSIC Library, then it IS deleted permanently.

Can you connect your ipod with music on it onto a new computer without losing the music already on your ipod?

No i have tried it and it deletes all your songs

Which type of computer graphic can be blown up to a much larger size without getting distorted or losing quality?

Vector -k12

How do you backup your iPhone to a new computer without losing everything?

If you plug it in it will start to sync. You can always sync it back to the old computer and still have the things from the new computer. Hope this Helped! Trust Point please!