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No, not if your mother has sole physical custody. If there is a joint custody arrangement, you'd still need the cooperation of both parents to make it happen.

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Q: Can you move to your fathers without your mothers permission?
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Can you move out of your house without your mothers permission?

Only if you are 18

Can you move out of state with your children without the permission of their biological fathers in New Jersey?


Can i move out of my fathers house without his permission into my mothers house being a 17 year old female in the state of Illinois?

yes you can because you are moving to a family members house

Can you move from your fathers to your mothers at the age of 14 in Washington state?

Only with their permission. The custody order have to be changed in the court it was issued.

Can a 16 year old move into a step parents house without their mothers permission in Missouri?


How far away can you move with your son without his fathers permission in the state of Minnesota?

30 miles

Can a mother move to Scotland from England without the fathers permission?

It depends how old she is and she should at least let him know

Can you move out from your mothers to your fathers at 14 in KY?

No you can legally move out when you are 18 no matter what state you are in.

If your father lived in Indiana and your mother lives in Florida at the age of 17 can you move out of your mothers house and into my fathers against your mothers will and for your own?

Definitely,decisively,with a strong emphasis on the part 'without your mothers'.Mine fathers don't live, it is a reason and causae of mine version.

Can you move out of your mothers house legally without being considered a runaway?

You can move out if your parents house whenever you please but you have to have their permission and somewhere to go. Unless you are 18 or over.

Can you move out of your fathers house in Texas and into your mothers house in Louisiana at the age of a 17 year old female without your fathers concent?

Not unless you were married (parental approval), or by court order.

In Alabama do you have to have the fathers permission to move within the state?

That is dependent of custody orders, but even without, the other parent could file an injunction.

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