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Well, my favorite is the Anglo-Arabian. It is a cross between an Arab and a thoroughbred. Absolutely gorgeous!!

Arabian blood is commonly found in horses of all breeds.

Index-Quarter Horse, Anglo Arabian,

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Can you crossbreed a Belgian and a thoroughbred?

yes, such horses that are 2 different breeds are called crossbreeds

Do horses know their name?

some horses do while some horses don't

What horses did they use in the movie Conan The Destroyer?

Most of the horses that are used in the movie industry today are Quarter Horses or Quarter crossbreeds, unless of course the script calls for a certain breed or color, such as an Appaloosa.

Why are Morgan horses used as cop horses?

Not all police horses are Morgans. There are Quarter Horses and many crossbreeds in police work. The most important aspect of selecting these horses is their temperment. They need to be 'bomb proof' meaning they need to be calm no matter how caotic things get.

Are horses purebreeds or crossbreeds?

There are some purebreds, but most are the result of a cross breeds. I think the Arabian is among the oldest purebred horses, along with a few others, like the akhal-teke. Thoroughbreds, Quarter horses, Tennessee Walkers, and most other breeds are the result of crossing between at least two other breeds, however, they are considered purebred once they have been bred within that breed for a few generations. And then tehre are the breeds considered crossbreeds, like the Anglo-Arab,a cross between an Arabia and a thoroughbred. or an Appendix horse, the cross of a thoroughbred and a quarter horse. So, horses can be both a crossbreed, or a purebreed.

What are some illegal dog crossbreeds?

Any breed crossed with wolf is illegal in most state.

Can you enter crossbreeds in Crufts?

No, only purebreeds are allowed to enter in Crufts. However, there is a Crufts offshoot called Scruffts, which is a show specifically for crossbreeds.

What kind of horse is called a bronco?

A bronco is more of a type than a breed. Bronc's can be most any breed but the most common are Quarter Horses and Paints with some crossbreeds and Appaloosas. The breed doesn't matter, just the buck. These horses are truly athletes and although most people don't realize it but not all horses can be a bronc, most horses don't really want to buck. There may be some that will give a small buck and then give up. But the pro broncos seem to enjoy their work.

What are all the wonder zoo crossbreeds?


Are aussiedoodles non allegenic?

That depends on the individual dog. Since they are crossbreeds, some of them are more poodle-like and some are more like aussies.

What was Nero's horses name?

The horses name was Incitatus.

What would happen if a horse and zebra breaded?

You would get a cross breed a striped horse most likely.Horse/Zebra crossbreeds are called Zorse or Hebra; Pony/Zebra crossbreeds are called Zony; and Donkey/Zebra crossbreeds are called Zonkey. They are all hybrids, and can't reproduce.

What is the horses name in Sleeping Beauty?

the horses name is samson

Who is Florida State's horses name?

The horses name is Snowflake.

What was Annie oakleys horses name?

Her horses name was Target.

Pecos bill horses name?

The horses name was,'Window Maker'

What was lee's horses name?

General Lee's horses name was Traveller!!

What is Miley Cyrus horses name is?

Her horses' name is Blue Jeans.

What was pual reverse horses name?

what was paul reveres horses name

What are the types of horses?

There are many different types of horses. I'll name some of them for you; Apaloosa, paint, pinto, heavy draft horse, stallion (my favorite). Those are some of them.

What are all the crossbreeds for Animal Crossing City Folk?

in japan

What are all Dino zoo crossbreeds?


Can you name some diurnal animals?

dogs and cats and mice and horses and racoons

What is the name of some famous barrel racing horses?

scamper dash for cash

What kind of horses can be crossbred?

Any kind or breed of horse can be crossbred, but the real question you should ask yourself is 'Should I crossbreed these horses?' Some crossbreeds are registrable but typically worth far less than a purebred horse of either breed used to create the foal. There are more than enough breeds to find exactly what you are looking for without having to crossbreed to get what you want in a horse.