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Q: Can you name three interactions that may happen in an environment such as Point Pelee?
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What are 3 human interactions that may happen in an environment such as Point Pelee?

ohhhh yea

Name 3 human interactions that may happen in an environment such as point pelee?

1.Human destroying tree and not place it back ,making a big problem to environment lol (Example)

What is the latitude of point pelee Ontario Canada?

What is the latitude of Point Pelee Island in Ontario, Canada?

When was Point Pelee National Park created?

Point Pelee National Park was created in 1918.

How far is it from the mainland of Ontario to the island of Point Pelee?

Point Pelee is not an island; it is part of the mainland. You were probably thinking of Pelee Island, which is in western Lake Erie, almost 20 miles south of Point Pelee. Pelee Island is Canada's southernmost community, with about 300 permanent residents. The southernmost place in Canada is the uninhabited Middle Island, a few miles further south. If you Google "Pelee Island" you will find several useful websites.

What is point pelee's province or territory?


What are the Human-environment interactions in Chile?

in my point of view there are allot of factories around Chile and that coses pollution in the hair

What are the name of the small peninsula?

a spit or a point, like Point Pelee in Lake Ontario

Where is Point Pelee National Park located?

The Point Pelee National Park is located inLeamington, Canada. The address for this national park is 407 RR1 Monarch Lane, Leamington, ON N8H 3V4, Canada.

Where is Point Pelee located?

Near Leamington, Ontario, Canada in Lake Erie, the Southernmost point of Canada.

What provinces of Canada extend farther south?

Ontario, the most populous province in Canada, extended farther south. Point Pelee and Pelee Island are the most southern inhabited locations in the province of Ontario.

What is the southern most point in Canada?

The most southerly part of Canada is Middle Island. It is located in Lake Erie, just 100 meters from the Canada-US Border, between Pelee Island, Canada, and Sandusky, USA. Pelee Island is the southernmost inhabited part of Canada, and Point Pelee is the southernmost part of mainland Canada. There is archaeological evidence of aboriginal occupation of Middle Island dating back 2,500 years. It played a small role in the Underground Railroad, and was prominent as a "rum-running" haven during Prohibition. Middle Island is uninhabited, and is not open to visitors. It was purchased by the Nature Conservancy of Canada in 1999 from private American owners and is now part of Canada's Point Pelee National Park.