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If I were you I would only take 1 ibuprofen(depending on what the MG's are) and then the Tylenol Cough medicine,because Ibuprofen can hurt the liver if taken in large doses.

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โˆ™ 2006-04-22 16:29:08
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Q: Can you occasionally mix three Ibuprofin pills with Tylenol Cough Sore Throat liquid?
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How do you convert 325mg of Tylenol to ml of liquid Tylenol?


Is there a liquid form of ibuprofin?

Motrin and Advil make children's strenghth. Double the dose!

How many calories in liquid Tylenol?


Why does liquid Colace cause throat irritation?

Why does colace cause sore throat

What liquid does Tylenol dissolves the fastest?

any liquid with sodium like Dr. pepper, Sprite, etc.

Is it safe to take liquid Tylenol?

If you take the correct amount, yes.

How many ml in 650 mg of Tylenol liquid?


How do you overdose on Tylenol pm liquid?

To overdose on Tylenol Pm you would have taken more of the dosage on the bottle. You DO NOT WANT TO OVERDOSE ON TYLENOL!! Typically it doesn't work and when you live from it your kidneys and liver are shot.

Can childrens liquid Tylenol kill your cat?

Yes. Tylenol is toxic to both cats and dogs. It depends tho on how much your cat/dog ate.

What is the version of Tylenol that is appropriate for a child of 3 years of age?

There are a few different types of Tylenol that can be used for a child 3 years of age. There is Tylenol Liquid that is used for things such as fever, earaches and immunizations. There is also a Tylenol product called Children's Tylenol for Cold and Flu which one could use in those situations.

Is childrens tylenos plus recalled?

In April 2010-several Children's Tylenol Plus liquid products were recalled: Tylenol Plus cherry flavor Cough &sore throat NDC code 5058024704,Tylenol plus cherry flavor Cough & runny nose-NDC code 5058024904,Tylenol plus"dye free"grapecold&stuffy nose-NDC code 5058025304,Tylenol plus"dye free"grape cold&cough-NDC code 5058025404, Tylenol plus"dye free"grape multisymptom coldNDC code5058025504,Tylenol plus Bubblegum-NDC code 5058038604,Tylenol plus grape Cold-NDC5058038704,Tylenol plus bubblegum cold &allergy-NDC code 5058039004 and Tylenol plus grape multisymptom cold-NDC 5058039104. the code is found on label above product name.consumer care phone #1-888 222 6036

Do you take aspirin or Tylenol for a sore throat?

Both can be used to treat the symptomatic pain, howeverthey are for pain alone and will not solve whatever is causingthe sore throat. One reason for asore throat is that post-nasal drip or the drainage of mucus down your throat, which is best taken care of by gargling with warm salt water. If your lymph nodes feel inflamed odds are you're fighting an infection and should treat it with acetaminophen, warm tea, and a liquid diet to stay hydrated.

What can you do for a dry throat?

Drink water or another legal liquid

what will cause choking?

When an object or liquid blocks the throat.

Can you mix over the counter medicines such as liquid Tylenol cold PM and ADHD medication?

Answer: Yes you can. Just be sure to follow the directions carefully for the Tylenol cold pm.

How do you complete the gallon challenge?

let the liquid slide down your throat

Can you inject a Tylenol 4?

No. Tylenol 4 is not a liquid medication. It is a solid pill. Injecting it can cause serious problems such as venous thrombosis (infection of the vein) and other medical complications.

What is livestock drenching?

drenching is a term for getting liquid down an animals throat when it can't swallow on it's own. It involves sticking a tube down the animals throat and pouring liquid down the tube

Liquid pain killers?

There are some liquid pain killer such as hydrocodone, as in Tylenol with codine, and vicodin comes in liquid form.and methadone is a liquid pain reliever. hope that helps. they all need presciptions from a doctor.

Is hot or cold liquid better for a sore throat?

try hot tea

What can be done for extreme throat pain when Vicodin does not help?

The doctor at the E.R. can give you a liquid to drink that will numb your throat for 8 hours. If the pill is not working thry gargling with warm salt water and maybe they will give you the liquid.

Which liquid dissolves a pill fastest?

me and my son did a science project on this same thing we used water, koolaid and mountain dew. we also used Tylenol. mountain dew seemed to dissolve the Tylenol the fastest.

Can you mix Advil liquid gels with NyQuil?

Yes, advil has ibuprofen in it, NyQuil has Tylenol and they are safe to take together.

Can phenylephrine in liquid Tylenol cause a dirty drug screen?

It should not cause a false positive on a drug test.

Liquid Tylenol dosage for a 13 year old?

2 Tbps