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Yes, you can ovulate three weeks after your period. Typically ovulation occurs two weeks before your period, if you have a very long cycle then that could be three weeks after your last period.

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Q: Can you ovulate 3 weeks after period?
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When do you ovulate if you have an irregular period?

Two weeks after your period

How long after a period does an egg form again?

You ovulate about two weeks after your period.

How many weeks can I be if I'm a week late on period?

If you ovulate around day 14 and have regular periods, by LMP (last menstrual period) you would be 5 weeks - the actual age of the embryo would be 3 weeks.

Your period last 4 days how soon will you ovulate?

Most women ovulate 2 weeks after the first day of their period. Although, it depends on how long your cycles are. If your cycle is longer than 28 days, then you ovulate about 2 weeks BEFORE your period is due. So, if you have an average 28 day cycle, and your period lasted 4 days, then you'll probably ovulate in 10 days.

Is a pregnancy 38 weeks from conception?

Yes it lasts 40 weeks from your last period, because you ovulate and conceive 2 weeks after the start of your last period

Is it best to take an ovulation test a day after your period?

No, you probably ovulate about 2 weeks after the beginning of your period.

How long is it after ovulation till you have a period?

for a regualr 28 day cycle it should be about 2 weeks... you will ovulate about 2 weeks after the first day of your period

Can you ovulate if you have not had a menstrual cycle in years?

It depends on the reason your periods stopped. If your hormones are functioning properly you have a period about two weeks after you ovulate, if you are not pregnant.

Is been 3 weeks and you still dont have your period?

If you took a test and it was negative you likely didn't ovulate this cycle and may need medication to bring on your period. Consult your physician.

How many weeks pregnant are you if your period was 3 weeks ago?

You might be 3 weeks pregnant -- even though you only ovulated 1 week ago. It is just how they count pregnancy weeks -- from first day of last period. Generally you ovulate around day 14. You won't actually know if you are pregnany until you miss your next period

Can you ovulate three days after your period?

Yes you can ovulate three days after your period. Typically during a 28 day cycle a woman will ovulate on day 14 (two weeks before menstruation) and be fertile up to a week beforehand, but if your menstrual cycle is short you can ovulate earlier.

Due you ovulate before your period?

No, you ovulate during your period.

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