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Usually women have egg white cervical mucus when they are ovulating. However, some women have depict that not all can have symptoms of ovulation. Some even recount that they are not having any kind of cervical mucus when they are ovulating. So it is possible not to have cervical mucus and ovulate at the same time.

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Q: Can you ovulate and not have cervical mucus?
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When is the latest you can ovulate if you have irregular periods?

You can ovulate anytime when having irregular periods. To check when you ovulate when you are irregular the best way is to check your cervical mucus throughout your cycle.i dont know what to do

Is it possible to have cervical mucus on two different occasions within a 40-day period?

Yes. The latest medical research shows that 10% of the time all women actually ovulate twice in a cycle. It is very possible you ovulated twice during your cycle and had cervical mucus.

Are you pregnant when cervical mucus stops a day after ovulation?

No, you often get excess cervical mucus when you are pregnant anyway

Is it ok that your cervical mucus is pink?

One of the reasons for cervical mucus to be pink is when there is implantation, that's what I know

What birth control pill alters cervical mucus?

All birth control pills alter cervical mucus. That is one of the mechanisms by which they prevent pregnancy -- the progestin thickens the cervical mucus.

Are these cervical mucus bad for body?

no is not

What is the Synonyms for cervical mucus?


Can you still have cervical mucus changes while on birth control?

You should not expect cyclic cervical mucus changes while on hormonal birth control. Hormonal birth control thickens the cervical mucus.

Is it normal to have cervical mucus everyday and not just before your period?

Yes. You have cervical mucus everyday and it also changes everyday.

Do your cervical mucus dry up at 7 weeks of pregnancy?

Cervical mucus should not dry up during pregnancy.

Why is there cervical mucus in the toilet after you urinate?


How does an intrauterine work?

It thickens the cervical mucus

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