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Go to Sherwin Williams and ask them for Harmony Paint. It is a Zero VOC paint. It contains not Volatile Organic Compounds. These are what causes irritation in some people. Don't paint the room with your kid in the room. Paint when you can keep the windows open and point a fan in the opposite directions. As far as paints causing cancer if you see a label on a paint can that says it can cause cancer doesn't mean it will cause cancer. All paints that have warnings on them only put them on cause of liability. Same thing with cigarettes. Not everyone who smokes gets cancer. If you have a baby that has a suseptable immune system ask a Sherwin-Williams sales associate for an MSDS sheet (Material Safety Data Sheet) on the product. In this case the Harmony. Bring it to the baby's pediatrician and ask them. In most cases you don't need to go this far. Sherwin Williams is a leader in green paints and Low VOC paints. I should know I work there. Also keep this in mind. It takes 30 days for latex paint to cure, this means that the paint does not dry to its ultimate hardened finish until it has been on the wall for 30 days so make sure your kid does not scratch or dig into it with his or her fingernails.

All paint companies now make zero VOC and low VOC products that can safely be used in closed areas including hospitals, nurseries and nursing homes or anywhere where LEED credits are an issue. PPG has Pure Performance, while Benjamin Moore markets their Natura line.

Painting with an Infant Nearby
  • Consider this: are you really sure you want to take that risk? Paint fumes can be overwhelming to an adult. This is why most kinds of paint recommend you only paint in a well-ventilated area or room. Find a sitter or have someone else do the painting while you take your little one outside for a while. Even if paint fumes don't make him sick they can certainly be unpleasant. Your children are your first priority. I think the fact that you were concerned enough to ask this question, is a pretty good indication that you didn't really think it was a good idea to begin with.
  • Yes, you can safely paint with a infant in the house. Check with your local hardware store. Lowes, Home Depot etc. Ask for paint specifically for a child's room. I haven't used the paint but have spoken to the hardware stores here because I am going to paint my infant sons room. There is not supposed to be any harmful fumes.
  • Wait as long as possible. Your infant's brain development is so precious in the first year. Just wait and you will not regret later.
  • My greatest concerns are lung damage everyone receives. Behr, the number 1 paint retailer in the states, contains cancer causing additives. Why is the Home Depot and Behr Paint allowing this? Children that are sick usually are ill due to a temporary disorder in the lungs. So It's hard to breath already. Do not allow anyone to breath paint. Place a fan at the window and point it towards the outside. Consider reading paint can warnings. Avoid all materials that contain cancer causing additives. You will not like being unable to breath. Consider paint companies that at least do not add cancer agents like Dunn Edwards Paint.

No, the paints mentioned above DO NOT contain "cancer causing fumes", I have heard that befoe and it's not scientificaly founded to be true. I have used those paints and have checked them out and I use them, because they are safe. Bill's Painting Lanc. P.A.

Low VOC Paint

Use a "Low VOC" or "No VOC" paint. This type of paint has no fumes and is 100% acrylic, water base. Many manufactures make this type of paint. I use it in heath care facilities. Crowder Painting, CO.


O.S.H.A. decided that oil-based paints were dangerous used and sold in high volume because of their chemical properties. At least the odor let you know that it wasn't good for you. The truth is that even with, or ESPECIALLY with, a low- no odor product of any kind, there should be adequate ventilation. This is the mistake consumers are unfortunately making. These newer products contain substrates that we have not learned the perils of yet. Bottom line, open a window.

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Q: Can you paint one room of the house while your two-month-old is in another room or will it make him sick?
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