Can you paint over wet primer?

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You possibly could but you certainly should'nt. Let the Primer dry thoroughly. Answer: Sandblasted steel is usually painted this way, refered to as the "wet on wet" method. The topcoat is applied as soon as the primer is touch dry , but still soft. The primer and topcoat must be compatible, having the same base resin. This only applies to spraying. For brushing or rolling, the primer must be dry.

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Q: Can you paint over wet primer?
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How do you remove paint primer from linoleum?

You can remove paint primer from linoleum with hot water if the primer is Latex based. Simple wet a cloth with hot water and put it over the paint. Let it sit for a few minutes and then gently scrape up the primer.

Do you have to paint over primer?


Can you paint eggshell paint plus primer over a primer?

You can, but don't need to use additional primer.

What happen if you paint over the wet oil primer?

If using oil based paint it will mix with the color and change it. If using latex, the paint will crackle when it dries.

Can you paint over primer?

Of course you can. Primer helps paint stick to what ever you are painting.

Can you paint an alkyd paint over a latex paint without a primer?

It is usually recommended that you noy paint over latex paint with oil based paint, primer will not help.

Can you paint over shellac primer with oil primer?

Yes, you can.

Can you paint over a water based paint with an epoxy based paint?

Only if the water based paint is a primer. If not,then paint a primer first.

Can you paint satin with primer over semi gloss if both are latex?

You could paint over it even without a primer.

What do you do if paint peeled of the wall?

If the surface of the wall is drywall made from gypsum and is not wet, simply remove the peeled paint to a point that the paint does not peel easily. Primer then repaint. If it appears that the drywall has been wet and there may be significant damage to the wall simply replace the spot and primer and paint. If the damage is not to bad then you should be able to go over the affected area with joint compound sand smooth then primer and paint.

What primer over interior latex trim paint?

Either oil or latex primer can be used over interior latex paint.

Can you use latex paint over oil base primer?

yes. However, you cannot use an oil base paint over a latex primer. If you change your mind on the paint, you must strip the paint before you use an oil based paint on the primer.

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