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Paint jobs are decorative application of paint to a surface. Some of the popular paint jobs are flames and custom colors on cars and motorcycles, using various techniques such as pearl painting and candy painting.

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How should you 'break-in' a new car?

Breaking-In a New Car Most manufacturers have recommendations in the handbooks. You should start off treating the engine very gently i.e. gentle revs and never more than 1/4 throttle. Over time you gradually use more revs and more throttle until you eventually end up using the full range of the engine. It is important to eventually end up using all the power and rev range to wear harden various parts. It is also important that you do not keep to a...
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What do you need to repair a scratch or nick in a cars paint job?

There are two possible things you can do: 1. Sand the area, then lightly spray your color over it. With newer cars with clear coat, you'd have to also spray a layer of clear coat over the touch up job to make it match. 2. If the nick is small enough, you can take a fine tip brush and brush your touch up paint over the nick. If the paint job has aged, due to oxidation, touch up paint may not match...
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What is a lightning activator?

Lightning Activator 6854 is designed for use in Transtar's Finish-Tec Clearcoats to provide a long lasting high gloss finish. Ideal for spot & panel repairs and for use in cool/cold temperatures. It significantly accelerates flash and cure times. This product provides low overspray. ...
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What should you do or not do when driving your brand-new car?

To break in your new car, it is suggested to not subject the engine to constant speeds. Better piston ring seating will be achieved by varying the speed and avoiding hard and sudden accelerations at least during the first 500 miles. Gradual accelerations with some decelerations are the most beneficial for ring seating. I would suggest going to the extra expense and effort to change the engine oil at 500 miles, even when the car manufacturer allows many more miles before the first...
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What would you call someone that paints cars applys decals and vinyls etc to them?

First I would call them very "Talented" and they are usually called "auto/truck detailer. ...
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Can you spray clear polyurethane over paint?

what kind of paint?? How long has the original paint been on there? Many times, the "vehicle" (solvent) in the polyurethane will cause the existing paint to curdle or wrinkle if it is a water based/latex paint. If it has been on there a long time though, you might be able to get away with it. See if you can test a small spot that is not exposed or visible first. Even if it "tests" OK, it still might have a tendency...
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Can you paint black lacquer furniture?

You can paint a lot of things. It depends on what you are painting. If you are painting metal then use metal paint if you are painting wood then use wood paint if you are painting something flexible such as rubber, thin plastic, or fabric then use vinyl paint. Some objects require primer which you put on before you put on paint to make the paint stick. Most wood objects require paint to be rolled on such as a house or...
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What do you call a person that applys decals vinyls and custom paint jobs to cars?

I am not sure what the actual person would be called but I would assume a body shop is who you would need to call to have this done. Some body shops are better than others and some deal with mostly collision work. I would start calling around and asking you may want to find a body shop that deal is restoration. It may be more costly but a reputable shop that does restorations may be you best bet. Good Luck!! -...
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How much to paint a hood of a car?

it all depends on where your from, what color and if there going to blend the hood into the fenders. typical painters hourly rates are around 48 dollars an hour, so it could be around 300-400 ...
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Does rust stop work?

no, it's a waste of money
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Does scratch coat paint on pickups go on the rocker panels only or is it put on the doors as well?

If you are referring to the "rock guard" that is sprayed generally on lower parts of side body panels, the answer will depend on the manufacturer/make/model, etc. Most pickups wont have it on the bottom of doors but there are a few imports that do. If you do alot of off-roading, it would be wise to apply rock guard on the bottom of the doors as well, but it is entirely up to you. Hope it helps. ...
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Do new pickups have scratch coat paint on the bottom of the truck?

Some do. The paint on the lower panel has a sort of blurry look to it. Find out what car dealers don't want you to know at dealertricks ...
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Is urethane a rubber?

Rubber is a generic term today. It used to mean a very specific substance. Today you could call various forms of urethane rubber. Is it technically ? NO ...
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How can you make your own car wax polish?

Fact: Carnauba wax and Turpentine, some companies also add a polyformer to help fill scratches. Carnauba wax comes from a tree, which is then processed. Not all companies use solvents like Turpentine either. One company is Zymol, they use all natural ingredients. The question here is actually two questions in one. Wax - is a protective layer that you apply to protect your paint. Polish - is a cleaning "compound" that helps to remove impurities from the paint to prepare it for waxing/sealing. They are...
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Does bacteria help with rust?

Yes, while bacteria can accelerate or even cause rusting or corrosion, this is not necessarily the case (i.e. some rusting occurs due to entirely non-biological and environmental factors). In presence of oxygen, aerobic bacteria like Thiobacillus thiooxidans, Thiobacillus thioparus, and Thiobacillus concretivorus, all three widely present in the environment, are the common corrosion-causing factors resulting in biogenic sulfide corrosion. Without presence of oxygen, anaerobic bacteria, especially Desulfovibrio and Desulfotomaculum, are common. Desulfovibrio salixigens requires at least 2.5% concentration of sodium chloride, but D. vulgaris and D. desulfuricans can...
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Can you spray enamel paint over tile?

yes you can, it has a rough texture in the tiles though and you may not want to do it as it comes of easily. ...
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What color does pink and beige make?

It would probably be something I would call a warm beige.
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How much for a matte car paint job?

Well depends where. and also what quality you want your paint to be. Some garages in Europe ask you to pay 500-7000 euros. This however also matters on the size of the car and if you want to paint it fully or just some parts. In US you can get your car painted for cheaper. Some of the other answers on other websites said that it can 350 $, but as i said before its the quality, size and the amount...
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Can you use primer as paint?

Yes. The type of substrate (bare wood, unfinished drywall, concrete, metal), the condition of the substrate (stains, damage, previous layers of paint), and how the area will be used (requires repeated cleaning and/or exposed to frequent direct sunlight, water or humidity) all factor in to which paints and primers will do the best job. In general, you would want to use regular paint over the primer since it may do a better job of protecting the surface you are painting - particularly outside...
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What are tips for repairing a car with Bondo?

Remove all foreign material, i.e., rust, paint, etc. Apply bondo to clean, rough metal only. Make sure metal is roughened to ensure adhesion of bondo to metal. Begin shaping, sanding, just after bondo is set up, don't leave too long, will be difficult to sand. Apply more bondo, to the sanded bondo, if needed, sand again - apply primer just prior to touch out glaze. 1. Use only fresh Bondo, not some that was opned last year. 2. Don't mix a large amount at...
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How much money does a house painter earn?

About $14 an hour or so. Here's more broad information, FYI: In 2002, median hourly earnings of painters, construction and maintenance, were $13.98. The middle 50 percent earned between $11.08 and $18.00. The lowest 10 percent earned less than $9.10, and the highest 10 percent earned more than $23.90. Median hourly earnings in the industries employing the largest numbers of painters in 2002 are shown below: Local government $17.46 Residential building construction 14.01 Building finishing contractors 14.00 Lessors of real estate 11.62 Employment services 10.21 In 2002,...
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How do you remove paint from your car exterior due to a painted pole that you hit or swiped?

I recommend first trying to buff it out with a power buffer, but if that doesn't work there is another option. There is a paint cleaner made by the same company that makes "Goo Gone" it is called "Goof Off" (Seriously)(Sold in any major hardware store) It is a paint STRIPPER, so be very careful not to spill any where you do not intend to. What you will want to do is find the softest, cleanest rag you can find, and...
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Can you paint urethane over enamel?

Yes, that was the original intention of urethane.
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How do you paint over epoxy in a garage?

I am guessing this is on the floor. This is probably a two component carbon bond coating. This means it is chemical resistant to even ketones. To recoat, you must use another epoxy or urethane mixture. To prepare the surface, it must be wet sanded with at least 220 grit water paper. After a good sanding, the surface must be cleaned with some sorta tack cloth. If you use a waxed based tack, do not press hard. This will cause transfere...