A bumper is located in the rear-most or front-most part of an automobile. Legally required on all vehicles, it consists of bars designed to absorb impact and prevent serious damage to the vehicle's safety systems.

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Paint Jobs

What do you need to repair a scratch or nick in a cars paint job?

There are two possible things you can do:

1. Sand the area, then lightly spray your color over it. With newer cars with clear coat, you'd have to also spray a layer of clear coat over the touch up job to make it match.

2. If the nick is small enough, you can take a fine tip brush and brush your touch up paint over the nick.

  • If the paint job has aged, due to oxidation, touch up paint may not match your paint job.

you won't believe this.......but my wife bought a scratch & sm dent cover up kit "As seen on TV" LOL It comes with primary colors and you mix accordingly. just use a plastic putty knife & spread the cream into sm dents (quater size or smaller) or scratches and allow it to dry. dont worry about excess, the "Magic" solution afterwards buffs it up nicely & some how blends your color matching in with the existing color. UNBELIEVABLE!!! BUT TRUE.....you can find it on AsonTV.com you'll love it, no skills required.

To repair a scratch in the paint of a car is not a easily answered question. It depends on the severity of the scratch. If the scratch is small you can use some of the commerical scratch repair kits or the temp fill in wax. For more severe scratches try sanding the area with 400 grit sand paper and the area around it (about 1-2 inches). Finally @ any Wal-Mart they should have color paint repair kits that will match your paint as long as it's a common color. They have detailed directions on their product. It is best to consult them first. If you dont feel secure sanding your car, I would consult your local auto body repair person and get estimates!!!!!!! Automotive repair ppl are shady so watch yourself!!!

a scratch can easily be sanded out lightly with water using 400 sand paper.then you can buff it out and it will not be noticable

A scratch that's not too deep can be removed with automotive paint thinner and a cloth and some gentle rubbing. NOTE: the area you rub will become much shinier than the rest of the paint. WARNING: automotive paint thinner is toluol, highly toxic to breathe. Use good ventilation.

A slight scratch can be repaired by hand rubbing with a soft cloth and rubbing compound, followed by a fine scratch remover used to take out the rubbing compound abrasions. Rubbing compound is very gritty, and will actually dull the surface when rubbed by hand, but these fine abrasions can easily be removed with a finishing polish.

More severe scratches may need some wet sanding. DO NOT USE 400 grit sand paper!!!! No amatuer at this should sand on their car with anything more coarse than 1200 grit (preferably 2000 grit ultra fine). If you use 2000 grit, you may be able to skip the rubbing compound, and go straight to the finishing polish.

400 grit sandpaper is only for use prior to painting. I have many years of experience in this area, and I stand by what I say.

Be careful using any thinner or solvent on your car's finish. If it is original, it may be ok, provided it isn't lacquer. Lacquer readily reverses to liquid when it comes in contact with solvent. If you have a late model basecoat/clearcoat car, thinner probably won't help repair a scratch, because the finish will not reflow (like lacquer), and therefore it won't have any effect.

Ford Contour
How To

How to Remove front bumper on Ford Contour?

you either rip it off or get a sluge hammer and break it off

You'd have a hard time getting a hammer where you could get any force on a Ford 4x4, driver-side axle bumper, and you don't want to remove the coil spring and shock to do it, so, I took s large crescent wrench, gripped the old bumper and slowly and painfully turned it out. On mine the bumper is threaded into the frame, not on a separate nut. Be prepared to bark your knuckles and swear softly if there are children or wives present.

Honda Motorcycles

What is the best way to clean chrome fixtures?

I use rubbing alcohol. It makes everything shine. It's also great on windows and mirrors.

Wash with sudsy water. Rinse and wipe dry to bring up luster.

Do not use abrasive household cleaners on these surfaces because they may scratch. If there is sticky or gummy soil to remove, try rubbing with baking soda on a damp cloth or sponge, or wipe with vinegar, rinse, and buff dry. For difficult spots, you may need a metal polish made especially for chromium or other soft metals.

Burned-on grease on appliances may be removed by commercial cleaners or by using silver polish. Several applications may be necessary if burned-on grease is allowed to build up.

[Info from the Home Maintenance And Repair Database at the Michigan State University website]

  • For quick clean-ups, I use either a facial cleaning pad or toilet paper with rubbing alcohol.

toothpaste works great. I found out when driving truck if you use a crome polosh like turtle wax brad. and then hfter cleaning you apply a small coat of wax you make it last longer.

Dip a cloth in warm water and a few drops of ammonia or meth. spiritus, and then polish with a clean cloth. good luck

White vinegar and rubbing alcohol work great! Also, a wiping dry fixtures with a used dryer fabric softener sheet creates a great shine! Buffing with lemon juice results in a shine as well.

Mitsubishi Eclipse

Will a 2003 eclipse GT front bumper Fit a 2001 eclipse GT?

yes it will


What does Bumper stickers that say 13.1 mean?

13.1 is the distance of a 1/2 marathon. So, this individual is proud of their accomplishment and hard work (and they should be!) posted it on their bumper. I hope to have mine on the car later this Sept. when I, hopefully, finish my first 1/2.


How do you remove the back bumper cover on a 99 zx2?

The only thing holding the bumper on is a bunch of screws. Remove the plastic panel at the inside rear of the trunk (around the trunk lock hook). It is secured with a bunch of removable plastic clips. Remove some of the trunk lining carpet-like stuff. Search for a bunch of bronze-colored screws connecting to the bumper (you meay need a socket set). If I remember correctly, there are a couple of screws that you need to access from under the bumper itself as well. Just search with a flashlight. Make sure you have a protective cloth or something under the bumper to lay it on when it lets go...

Math and Arithmetic

What did the boy bumper car say to the girl bumper car?

may I have the next dents?

25 letter spaces including spaces in between words (math)

Used Car Buying

What would 'Our 56 point checklist provides bumper to bumper worry free transportation' imply?

The statement implies that the dealer has checked the vehicle out pretty thoroughly. Ask to see the 56 point check-list for the specifics.

Mercedes-Benz C-Class

Mercedes c class remove rear bumper?


Toyota Sienna

How do you remove the rear bumper cover on a 2003 Toyota Sienna?

The rear bumper cover is attached by 4 screws (behind the fender well covers, easily moved), and 4 screws inside the rear hatch. There are also 12 fasteners along the top and bottom of the bumper skin that can be pried out. Replacement fasteners cost about 5-10 dollars for a pack of 10. If you have a gray (non-painted) rear bumper, it only costs about $200 to replace it, and it's easily a DIY job.

VW Karmann Ghia

Are beetle bumpers the same as Karmann Ghia bumpers?

Not at all

Ghia bumpers are unique to the Karmann Ghia. Beetle bumpers only fit the Beetle models.

Land Rover Discovery
How To

How to trim a land rover discovery front bumper?

On a Series 1 Discovery just UNBOLT the CENTER section of the bumper fascia. (the plastic part) Then, using a dremel or similar rotary tool, cut the ends @ the angle line to match.

Honda Accord
Honda Accord EX
Honda Accord LX

How do you install a bumper on a 91 Honda Accord?

If your bumper is not already off you will find 2 screws (front bumper) or 3 screws (rear bumper).. use a short Phillips screwdriver to get them out.. now find the bumper frame mounts,in the trunk there's one on each side a bit above the floor, they are set a bit wider than the deck lid. under the hood you will find two more exactly like them. on the passenger side you will need to remove the radiator overflow tank to get to the nut, just grab the small white jug and pull up, lay it to the side, you will need a long 12 mm wrench for this one.on the drivers side the nut is located just below the power steering pump...use a 12 mm socket on this one.. now slide under the car, in the back there are two nuts exactly the same as in the trunk, but they have plastic shields on them, just pull the shield to the side and remove the nuts. underneath the front you will find four bolts instead of 2 nuts. they are a bit lower than the ones under the hood, two on each side of the L bumper frame mount and two on each side of the R bumper frame mount. these are located just below the center of the headlights......unplug the turn signal bulbs...OK now you need to remove the skin...there are a bunch of plastic screws, loosen them all. Pry them out using a flat screwdriver, or just tear the old skin off, you need new ones to mount the new skin anyways....unfortunately these are only available @ your local Honda service center for $2 a piece, but it really is worth the xtra cash to have the correct part.... now put the new skin on and put the plastic mounts in....put the bumper back on the car and put all the nuts and bolts and screws where you got them from.... when hanging the front bumper back on the car be careful as you slide it in, if you don't hold the frontside higher then you'll have some nice scratches... good luck, it shouldn't take more than 20-25 minutes...

tip: if you don't have the frnt amber turn signals, or if they are damaged, don't bother replacing them....all 50 states require only one signal @ each corner of your vehicle...the front signals must be visible from the front and the sides. most Honda/acura cars are equipped with this style corner lense. and, with two less components on the circuit the resistance is lower causing your signals to flash very quickly.....just think some people actually replace the signal relay to accomplish this........????????? does anyone have a diagram of the front bumper on a 1991 Honda accord i have a car that someone had started to replace the front bumper but i am not sure all parts are there i would appreciate it very much You can purchase a CHILTON or HAYNES maintenance manaul at any bookstore or auto parts store for around $15.00. They will show you how to remove and install the bumper.

The related link below has full diagrams and instructions.

Paint Jobs

How can you remove another car's paint from the bumper of your car?

Contact you local automotive paint store. The should have the correct products. The major companines are 3M and Mequiers. "Goo Gone" works great! Or, Mr. Clean's Magic Eraser used VERY lightly.

IF its just the paint , try 1500 grit wet sanding , then get a buffing/polish compout for the cars original paint for after you sanded off the foreign paint

So yes - if it's just the other car's paint that is on your car, you can get it buffed out. I'm speaking from prior experience. I've also hit a yellow pole, where the pole's paint got onto my bumper and it was easily buffed (polished) out.

If the scratch appears thin and white, it probably hasn't penetrated through the clear coat.If it is body-colored or shows metal, you've got a deeper problem. You should go to an Overspray shop, surely they know what will they do to your car.


What does 26.2 bumper sticker mean?

A 26.2 bumper sticker signifies the owner ran a marathon, which is 26.2 miles. A 13.1 bumper sticker signifies the owner ran a half-marathon. Each year more than 425,000 people finish a marathon in the United States alone.


What does the bacon bumper sticker mean?

That they are widly in love with sliced and fried pork

Mercury Sable

How do you remove and install a front bumper on a 1990 Mercury Sable?

I done it myself two months ago. First you take off the screws from the inside of the hood and take off the screws to the lights. remove the lights to take off the front top portion of the bumper and then under wheel wells there are 3-4 screws and under the front of the car there are about 12 screws. It helps to keep the screws lined up in the order you took them off so you'll remember how to get it back on. it took me a few hours but I did it myself!

War Movies

In the movie Patton the initials WTF appear on the front bumper of an M-5 Half-track. What do they stand for?

Western Tank Force


What does the m-22 bumper sticker mean?

It's a highway in Michigan. It winds around Lake Michigan in the Northwest portion of the Lower Peninsula. It's quite scenic.

Honda Civic
Honda Civic DX

How do you remove a 2003 Honda Civic bumper?

Remove the black cover clips by the license plate. Undernearth are 10mm bolts. Remove the bolts.Remove the two bottom push in type pins with a flat head screwdriver. pull down on the side where the open slots are. The rubber base of the pins stays agains the car until you pull the entire thing out by hand.Remove the two Phillips screws on the left on right side under the wheel wells.

Chevy Nova

Is 1972 nova bumper brackets the same as 1973 nova bumper brackets?

Headlights Tail and Brake Lights
Nissan Pathfinder

How do you remove and replace the front sidemarker bulbs on a '96 Nissan Pathfiner?

Open the hood and look for a bolt/screw in the corner, over the headlight (you'll see that it holds the enclosure via a flat piece of plastic. Remove the bolt/screw and pull the enclosure forward. The problem with this design is that the metal pin that holds the enclosure to the car gets rusted after a while and expands. This can result in the pin breaking off as you pull on the enclosure. There doesn't seem to be anyway around this, since the only access to the pin is by removing the enclosure. If this happens, you can try and glue the pin back on (which, in my experience doesn't last too long), or replace it with a new one (aftermarket is much cheaper and looks just as good). Once you've removed/broken the enclosure, twist off the bulb holder and remove/replace the bulb.

In 2010, on my 2001 pathfinder the enclosure was indeed stuck and I was loath to break off the"metal pin" so I spent some extra time on this. I was changing the passen ger side front turnsignal. So from the underside in front of the tire, I removed 3 screws holding down the lower part of the black plastic mud flap that is attached to the plastic bumper. Once these are out it is easy to peel the flap up a bit and see inside. This by the way is how you have to change the fog light. But from below with a mirror was able to see the pin which was black plastic. The square plastic pin assembly (and pin) snaps into in a square metal holder that is cast into the car frame. Anyways, from below and using a long (12") slot screw driver I was able to insert the slot between the plastic assembly and the metal holder and twist a bit until the pin came loose. Then from the front of the car the light assembly finally comes out snd its easy to change the bulb and snap the pin back in.

The driver side turn signal is much hard to loosen up from under the car because there are other parts in the way on that side.

Porsche Boxter

How does one remove the front bumper cap on a 1998 Porsche Boxster?

remove the side markers and then the screws under them, also screws under latch cover in trunk, underside of bumper, behind fender liners.

Dodge Grand Caravan
Pontiac Grand Prix

How do you replace a rear bumper cover on a 1998 Saab 900Se?

Take the bolts out remove bummper install new reinstall bolts

Nissan Pathfinder

How do you replace a Pathfinder front bumper?

(1993 Pathfinder XE) First start by taking the front bumper ends off (3 nuts on each). Then remove the entire fog light assembly including the plastic trim surrounding it. Then there will be 4 nuts on each side (8 total) in a square pattern. Remove the bolts and pull.


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