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put it in a rar, then password that. Or make it an sfx archive and use that as an exe instead, using Winrar.

MS Word 2003 implements an RTF version that supports passwords, so it's possible. (The old trick of saving a Word doc as RTF to bypass protection no longer works.) But even their 1.8 RTF spec ( still says "Also, there is currently no method for storing passwords in RTF, so...".

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Q: Can you password protect a rtf file?
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How do you protect file in Excel?

save the file with a password...

How do you password protect a file in Windows Vista?

You must first compress the files as a .ZIP file. When you compress the file, under the security tab, you can password protect it.

How to Convert an rft file to pdf?

RFT? I guess you meant RTF.Single conversion from RTF to PDF.1. Open the RTF file,2. Navigate to File > Export > Create PDF/XPS DocumentBatch conversion from RTF to PDFTry Bitwar PDF converter

What year did Microsoft develop the RTF document file format?

Microsoft developed the RTF document file format in the year 1987. Microsoft used the RTF document file format for their products and for multi-platform document interchange.

How do you password a notepad file?

You can't give password to a notepad file. If u wish to protect ur file. Cut that file/files into a compressed(zipped folder) and then select 'add password' in 'file'. Give password. Hereafter whenever u open this file, it will ask u password.

In what situation would you use an rtf file over a doc file?

rtf file is used over a doc file when the receiver does not have the same version of software as yours. If the receiver has the same version of software as yours then doc file is ok to send as the receiver will be able to open it. If you do not know what version the receiver has then send rtf file as any one either having a old or new version will be able to open an rtf file

How do you put password to MS office?

To password protect a file on Microsoft Office, open the file, click Options on the Tools menu, then click Security. You will have the option to create a password that will be needed to open the file, or a password that will be required to modify the file.

What is a RTF file format?

RTF stands for "Rich Text Format". It's a file format used for documents that can contain both text and pictures. RTF can also contain embedded fonts, Annotations and drawings.

What is the extension name of wordpad file?


How do you convert Tamil .rtf file into .pdf file - pl reply to

RTF to PDF Converter specially designed to convert RTF (Rich Text Format) to PDF on Windows system (windows 2000/2003/XP/Vista, and windows 7). For working as a virtual printer, RTF to PDF software can convert RTF file to PDF document with various printing ways like right clicking Print button.Apart from converting, RTF to PDF free converter also can convert RTF files to image formats (JPEG, TIFF, PNG, BMP, PCX), scripts formats (PS,EPS) under "Options".Convert RTF to PDF documentMerge multiple RTF documents into one PDFEncrypt PDF document with password protectionAdd stampstring into PDF pagemore information about it you can see:

How do you protect your file in ms word?

you can protect your ms word file by making it password protected..copy below link in your browser and learn how to apply password to ms word fileThe link is in related links below

How can you password protect the print of a document?

To password protect your document go to: For 2007: Go to the Office Icon Find Prepare Click Encrypt And type in Pasword For 2003 Go to File Go to Encrypt or Password Protect or Lock The type in your password, do not forget it!

What does blt cf rtf mean in a document?

file format

What are the advantages and disadvantages of an RTF file compared to Word's doc?

Advantage is because most applications allows you to import rtf file or to open it in that application, disadvantage is file size it is much bigger then Word format (docx).

How do you password protect a file?

Download winrar - It is a utility to compress files.While compressing your file choose an option to password protect it and provide the password. You may optionally encrypt filenames as well. (eg. this might not work on all programs) Click tools and then click General Options and find the part where it says password.

How can you enter a password in open office file?

Assuming you mean protecting a file with a password... Open the file, then select File then Properties - in the new window that opens, select the Security tab, and click Protect. Enter the same password in both boxes, and click OK. When you next open the file, you will be prompted for the password. I have used the password function on a number of files and find it a great security measure.

How do you secure a file in the computer?

One way to secure a file on your computer is to protect it with a password. Other ways to protect personal files is to encrypt them or editing permission settings on your computer.

How do you protect a file in windows 7?

Right click the file, go to Properties -> security tab -> advanced there are a plethora of choices. Put one choice and put a password. You can also encrypt it. Best is to zip in with Winzip or Winrar and then protect it via password.

How can you protect zip file with password with the help of UNIX script?

A Unix script is not necessary. The zip utility has the capability of compressing the files with a password.

What is the difference between RTF and DOC extention files?

A .DOC file is in a proprietary format owned by Microsoft. RTF is Rich Text Format, which is an open-source format that can be read by many more programs than a .DOC file.

How do you password protect a flash drive?

There are several types of password protecting a file. 1.) There is a program called BitLocker. this program password protects your USB drive. You could also edit password on it. 2.) You can use HGT Locker. This is a .BAT file that hide file inside a folder named "Private". After entering the right password to the .Bat file, it will unhide the Private folder and you can now unlock your files. You can choose to use third party software, such as USB security to password protect the flash drives. For more information, please visit:

Is it possible to password protect a program file in windows 98?

Yes, there are many ways to password protect a program file in Windows 98: 1. Use a compressor and compress your program file with a password. (7-Zip, Winrar, Winzip...) 2. Empathy ( which add a small code to your program file and you have to enter a right password in order to execute that file. Phaoloo ===== Yes and no. No is if you do not have any specialised software for the task, yes is obviously if you have such a program. Of course now with Win XP and Me if your file system is FAT or NTSF does not matter, just zip, encrypt and password protect! If the Windows 98 drive is in FAT format then you could use a free program I have used........... Redgreen

Can you have a password on an Excel file?

Yes, you can protect the entire workbook or sheet in different levels according to your need - for example you can protect from changing the data in the workbook and only by entering a password in can be unlock it. To do so {in excel 2010} go to the Review menu and choose Protect workbook or Protect sheet

What is the password to extract files?

Not everyone uses the same password (otherwise it wouldn't be much good). It is thus impossible for us to tell you what password may have been used to encrypt or protect a file.

How do you convert a tex file to PDF?

download Adobe Reader... there you can simply save any txt file to pdf, rtf and more