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yes. you can pay from any metro pcs store or go to Walmart and buy payment cards and do it over the phone. its easy.

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What is a Pay-as-you-go phone?

what is a pay-as-you-go-phone? Also known as a prepaid phone is a phone that does not require a monthly calling plan. You can buy these phones in almost any store or on the internet. With this type of phone, you decide how much you want to pay for your minutes. You can also use an unlocked phone as a prepaid. I bought one and installed the sim card, then I just get an att phone card from any store in whatever amount I want to pay.

How do you disconnect a metroPCS phone?

Get the number of the store where you pay your metro phone and ask for their number or customer service. Once you call them, you tell them that you don't want to use your phone anymore. They will say okay, your account is closed and they make you pay the last bill and $10 extra. Better to pay when the bill is due :D

How do you pay your metro pcs bill by check?

Help me I can't get to a person on the phone to pay my bill with a check

How do pay as you go mobile phone plans typically work?

With a pay as you go phone, you just purchase the phone at a department store. When you need minutes, you purchase a prepaid card; you scratch off the back to get an authorization number which you enter into your phone and the minutes will added for you. Some companies, such as Boost, TMobile, Net10, and Metro PCS offer monthly unlimited plans for a set monthly fee. Metro PCS phones are usually more expensive than others.

What is the best phone you can get on metro pcs?

a track fone its the best u dont even have to pay!

Can I get my metro pic phone turned on without paying my bill?

No, you need to pay the bill if you want service.

What is a pre-pay phone?

It's a phone that doesnt have any suprise bill! Go to a local store like Wal-mart and bye these little cards log it on into the pre-pay phone and you have minutes. MY FAVORITE PART>>>> NO SUPRISE BILLSS!!!!!!!!

How much money will you have to pay to unlock a METRO PCS lg phone?

most phone shops should be able to do it and it should only cost about £15

If you dont have a phone what are you suppose to do to enter to win 3 millon dollars?

You could ask a neighbor if you could borrow their phone; go to a drug store or a store and pay to use their phone. There may be the odd pay phone on the street in your area that you could use.

Does metro pcs charge tax?

The taxes/fees are included in your phone bill. If your plan is $60/monthly, you pay $60.

How long can you not pay your metropcs phone bill before you lose your phone number?

30 days. then its not guaranteed the number will still be available if you choose metro pcs as your cell phone carrier again.

How do you get the app store icon onto an i-phone?

You pay 500 dollars and an expensive service plan and you then get an iphone.

How much do they charge to activate a metro pcs phone?

The cost charged to activate a Metroc PCS phone depends on the plan chosen. To activate the phone customers must pay the bill for the first month.

What is the phone that you don't have to pay monthly for?

Any phone can be used as a 'pre-pay' phone - so long as the network the phone is on offers that facility - most of them do ! Whether a phone is paid for by a monthly contract - or a pay-and-go - is determined by the network operator - not the phone !

You have Metro PCS and you want to buy Stardoll Superstar by phone will it charge it to your account?

Yes it will. You will pay for it along with your phone bill. This is the most common (and cheap) way to become a superstar. :)

Where can I find cell phone with no contract in Fargo, North Dakota?

Since you are looking for a cell phone with no contract, it narrows it down a bit. I would highly recommend Metro PCS if they have it in your area. This is a pay as you go phone and it will recrystallize any cell you have so that you can get a new phone number through them. This is a great addition and will save you money.

How do you get boost mobile for cellphones?

Boost Mobile has a website that explains their pay as you go phones and unlimited cell phone plans. You can pay online, over the phone or in the store.

Where to pay ATT phone bill?

== == You can pay your AT&T phone bill in person at an AT&T store using cash, credit, or check. You can also pay the bill over the phone using a credit card or online using a credit card. If you have a cell phone, you can also pay by dialing "*PAY" (minus the quotation marks, of course) from your cell and then following their instructions.

How much do you pay to activate a used metro pcs phone?

between 10 and 15 dollars...if i was u i bring a good 20 with u

How do you pay AT and T phone bill when service is interrupted?

You can register your account online at ATT dot com and pay it or you can go to a store that has a pay station and pay it. You can find a store in your are by going to ATT dot com and up at the top right of the main page there will be a link for find a store.

Where can one buy the BlackBerry 7290 smartphone?

You can buy a BlackBerry 7290 Smartphone from any mobile phone retailer such as O2, Carphone Warehouse or Orange. You can either purchase the phone online or by visiting a store. It is possible to purchase the phone with a contract or as a pay and go.

Do metropcs phones have trackers?

On every phone of metro comes an app such as MetroLookOut etc etc etc... If you pay for the warranty they gladly install it and put all that info and once its stolen or damaged they can track your phone by their computer. Thats only if you pay for it though.

How do you get a phone number for no contract phones?

Get a "pay as you go" phone plan. You only pay when you use it. No contract. Depending on the carrier you should be able to use any unlocked phone.

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